March 29, 2023


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Top 3 Used car buyers in Kerala

As per the latest census data, 90.67% of houses in Kerala are owned, while 7.31% are rented. This is a testament to the fact that people in Kerala can afford their own homes and not depend on landlords or other people to rent their properties.

However, with an increasing population and booming economy, it is not advisable for everyone to get a brand new car as this will affect the environment a lot. It is important to consider getting used cars which will help reduce pollution levels in the city. 

It is the responsibility of everyone to take care of the environment, and one way to do and support it is by not creating a lot of wanted cars. Buying used cars for sale in Kerala makes sense for first-time buyers looking to upgrade from two-wheelers or public transportation, as well as families who need a second set of wheels. 

It’s always been the case that buying a new car is very expensive, and not everyone intends to spend so much money on a vehicle that’s all about status rather than practicality.

So, who are the people that prefer to get a used car? Read on to find out. 


When you’re just starting, affordability is key. A new car could be out of your budget, but you might be able to afford a used car. Used cars are also a great way to learn about car maintenance and how to take care of a car before buying a new one.

So when you’re ready to buy your first car, don’t forget about used cars! You can save money on repairs and maintenance by buying a used car that’s already been taken care of by its previous owners. And if something happens to your used car, there’s no worry about being stuck with repairs, and you can just trade it in for something new. 

Middle-class earning families:

If you’re looking for a car to get you and your family around town, but you won’t be planning to spend too much money on it, you should buy a used car. Used cars have the same safety features as new ones and might even cost less than a brand-new vehicle. You can find them at dealerships and online, and if you don’t like the color or brand name of your used car, it’s easy to change those things yourself.

Retired people:

You might want to update a new tech car even after retiring. But I might be thinking of the cost factor. In such cases, you might opt for a used car, as they are equally updated and available at a low cost. 

Instead of going for something flashy and impractical, consider investing in a smaller vehicle that is easier to handle and maintain. And if possible, look for one with better gas mileage or less maintenance. 


Used cars can also be better than new ones, especially if you pay a little extra and buy from the best-used car dealers. Used cars for sale Kerala has better features equal to the new car but at a low price. The money can be invested in other better areas that give you ROI.