March 26, 2023


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Set Up The Perfect Lighting For Your Office

You might not realize this, but office lighting plays a colossal role in workspace productivity. On top of that, perfect office lighting can be a significant factor in bringing up your employees’ moods and energy levels.

If the light is too dim, your employees might feel glum and cranky, which decreases productivity. On the other hand, if the light is too strong, it will get too bright and trigger migraines.

So, finding the sweet spot is essential for boosting productivity. You can get in touch with reliable commercial light fixture retailers in Walnut Creek, CA, to figure out what lighting your office needs.

Here are a few more tips to help you make the right call. Read on!

Top tips for choosing the perfect lighting for your office space

With the global commercial lighting market all set to reach a market value of USD 8.2 billion, the number of commercial lighting options in the market is endless. Here are a few tips to help you make the right choice:

  1. Keep office lighting standards in mind

The first thing to keep in mind while setting up office lights is the minimum lighting standard set by the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA). The standards compel office spaces to maintain 500 lumens per square meter for a workstation.

Furthermore, the GSA also makes room for some lighting suggestions, such as:

  • Use task lighting options to fill the gap.
  • Minimize shadows by adjusting lighting options.
  • The lighting layout must be such that it provides equal illumination throughout the entire workplace.
  • Fluorescent bulbs and ceiling fixtures are generally recommended.
  1. Understand the lighting your office needs

What sort of lighting does your office really need? Understand the various lighting options to answer the question:

  • Direct lighting: Something like a tiny desk lamp, which can compensate for indirect lighting at workstations.
  • Direct-indirect lighting: Generally used to bring down glare. It projects the illumination evenly upwards and downwards, ensuring there is even light coverage.
  • Indirect lighting: Projects light towards the ceiling so that the light disperses evenly and naturally throughout the space.
  1. Provide lighting for every workstation

Make sure that there is sufficient light at every workstation. You can use light fixtures or let ambient light do its job (if possible). You might have to provide every office member with an adjustable desk lamp of at least 500 lumens.

  1. Use natural light as much as possible

Using natural light is of the essence, and this is very possible for a place like Walnut Creek, which is abundantly sunny throughout the year.

If your office space is in an older location, you might be in luck since they usually have floor-to-ceiling windows. This lets quite a bit of natural light flood in, keeping the office’s energy.

If there isn’t much natural light entering your office, you can set up lights to mimic its colour and temperature.

Choosing the right office lights plays a major hand in how your employees function throughout the day. A well yet sufficiently lit office will help employees stay fresh as the hours pass.

Consult expert commercial light fixture retailers in Walnut Creek, CA, to get a proper idea of how to light your office space up right. If you haven’t revamped your lights in a long time, now is the time!