March 26, 2023


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Which option is better to reduce weight, swimming or gym?

Swimming and gym both can help in losing weight. However, you should choose the best out of the two or other ways while keeping your health conditions in mind. You can consult with the doctor for the same purpose. He or she may prescribe using weight loss pills along with doing exercises and taking a supportive diet. Nevertheless, people may confuse between swimming and the gym.

This may rely upon the type of exercises you do at the gym, for what duration, and with what intensity, compared to the duration you swim. Many pieces of research show that swimming can burn 25% more calories than jogging or running. However, this may not apply to every exercise and every person who does workouts.

How many calories do swimming and running burn? 

Calories are burnt during both swimming and running. However, the calories you shed during the workout may depend upon certain factors. They may include your weight and the strength at which you are doing the exercises.

Swimming at a vigorous pace burns more calories than swimming at an ordinary pace. In the same way, running around 1.6 km (a mile) in 8 minutes shed more calories than covering the same distance in 12 minutes. However, running a mile in 8 minutes can burn more calories than swimming at a robust pace.

What are the advantages of swimming? 

Along with taking weight loss pills, you can add swimming to your routine to see successful results in weight loss. Swimming is suitable for your joints; if you have joint problems like arthritis or osteoarthritis, it can be a good option for you.

  • Facilitates several ways to shed calories
  • Convenient and safer if you have an injury or improving from the same
  • Full body workout

Swimming can help you do a full-body workout. Although running is also a wonderful exercise for the lower body, it does not strengthen your chest, shoulders, back muscles, and arms. However, swimming provides these benefits.

What are the merits of running? 

  • Comprises jogging, hiking, or walking that can help build your bones
  • When you go out running or do exercises outside your home, you get vitamin D
  • Help burn more calories
  • Can easily get into the routine

Which one is suitable for you? 

Both swimming and gym are effective and well-working methods to lose weight. However, the choice between the two may rely upon your weight, health conditions, and personal preference. Consider the following things before you choose any workout-

  • If you are aiming to enhance your bone health, running can be better for you
  • If you have an injury in or around your shoulders, running can be a more suitable option
  • If you have joint pain or other joint diseases, swimming can serve you better
  • If you have access to the pool, you can go swimming else you can choose running for weight loss
  • If you are aiming to strengthen your upper body, swimming can serve you in a better way

Along with taking the weight loss pills, you can do aerobic exercises, go to the gym, or swim for weight management. No matter which exercises you do, you will always get a positive result if you do them properly. You can consult with the doctor for any queries.