March 26, 2023


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Which one is paramount – Porcelain or Ceramic tiles?

Whenever it comes to choose one from porcelain or ceramic, we have to judge them based on versatility and durability. Both matters if you want to create a stunning look in your home. Sometimes people feel difficulty when they choose porcelain because they are quite tough and denser. On the other hand, ceramic ones are more porous and economical at the same time.

Where you can use the porcelain tiles?

The porcelain tiles are really beautiful, but the only limitations they have are their hard and tough nature. Hence, they are highly acclaimed for their long-lasting nature and resistance the scratches. You can use them in living rooms as well as hallway floors. Porcelain tiles are usually available in numerous sizes, shapes, and designs. Even if your room such as kitchen, and bathroom has a high moisture content, you can use these tiles. The downside is that these tiles are accessible at a high cost.

At which place you can use ceramic tiles?

As compared to porcelain tiles, ceramic ones are not that durable and tough. Due to the clean-lined appearance, these have become an excellent selection for places like the kitchen. Moreover, they give the stunning look. One thing to be noted that these ceramic tiles should not be used at the place where there is the presence of high moisture like a bathroom. They are available in your budget and cover the space in the best manner. In addition to this, you have to spend less at the time of installation.


Now, you must have understood the difference between them. Mike at BELK Tile is the place where you can shop for tiles based on the color, style, application, and patterns as well. So, if you are not sure about the tiles you want to buy, just contact our team.