June 4, 2023


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What is jaundice& what are the Symptoms, Diagnosis & Tests?

We as humans have nowadays have been going through any kind of different disease and its side effects as well. One of such type of them is jaundice. This is one kind of disease that is being here for ages and this disease can be dreamy if that is not treated well and on time.

One of the common symptoms that we can notice if the skin takes a yellowish color and that is usually due to the the build-up of bilirubin in the blood. This disease may usually occur occur if the liver can’t efficiently help the body to  process red blood cells as they break down. This is one of the common diseases now days in the normal in healthy new-borns and usually it clears on its own. However, in the other age groups this may be the signal of an infection or liver disease.

This can be caused by a problem in any of the three phases in bilirubin production.

 In the most important one that is before the production of bilirubin, the person may suffer from what is called the  unconjugated jaundice that is caused  due to increased levels of the reason for that may be/:

  • Reabsorption of a large hematoma that means a blood clot that is being absorbed in a progressed manner.
  • The second case can be that the blood cells are destroyed and removed from the bloodstream even before their normal lifespan is over.

 The second stage is during the   production of bilirubin, jaundice can be caused by:

  •  There can be an attack of the viruses that may include the ones like Hepatitis A, chronic Hepatitis B and C, and Epstein-Barr virus infection (infectious mononucleosis).
  •  The excessive consumption of Alcohol.
  • This can be an effect of rare genetic metabolic defects.

There can be a condition that can happen after bilirubin is produced; jaundice may be caused due to obstruction (blockage) of the bile ducts from:

  •  There can be due to serious health conditions all well.


This actually depends because at times there can be ways in which we will not be able to find any symptoms for jaundice and the person may be functioning normally as well.

However, there can be few common symptoms of this disease that can be most commonly noticed

  • High fever and chills can be felt by the patient
  • There can be slight abdominal pain and there can flu like symptoms as well.
  • Under extreme conditions, the skin color will change to yellow and the person may feel very weak.
  • Dark-colored urine  and there can be excessive loss of the taste as well

One thing to note here is that is the jaundice isn’t caused by an infection, and then we can even notice the symptoms such as weight loss or itchy skin (pruritus). However, if the infection is due to pancreatic or biliary tract cancers, the most common symptom is abdominal pain.  But the most common of all is that it is caused due to the malfunction of the liver. This is also the reason that there will be loss of appetite and the person will feel restless and weak as well.


This is so very important that this disease can have an early detection. Doctors usually diagnose the causes of jaundice by checking for signs of liver disease such as:

  •  There can be a slight Bruising of the skin.
  • We will be able to see some abnormal collection of blood vessels near the surface of the skin.
  •  There is the symptom of red coloration of the palms and fingertips of the patient.

Few of the most common methods that are being used by the doctors for the diagnosis are:

Urinalysis is an urine testing in which if that is positive for bilirubin this will show that the patient has conjugated jaundice.

The serum testing will include the CBC counting and measuring the bilirubin level.

Under very rare cases the doctor can even recommend to ultrasonography and computer tomographic (CT) scanning and liver biopsy (that is one of the most advance methods that will help us understand the level of infection in the person.

The easiest of the cure for this disease is to maintain a healthy lifestyle and to have healthy and timely food. Also, if you are a student, you can study online to clear your doubts on this subject.