March 26, 2023


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What Are the Benefits of Massage?

Massage is gaining increasing credibility as studies reveal its effectiveness. It can be helpful for a number of physical and mental health conditions. In addition, it is a great way to relax and enjoy some pampering. Let us take a look at some of the key benefits of massage.

Pain Relief

If you suffer from chronic lower back pain, or have an acute lower back injury, massage can help to relieve pain. Back pain affects 84% of the population in the UK. It makes up 11% of people with disabilities. Massage can both assist in pain management and relieve chronic back stiffness. A professional masseuse will be able to identify the location of your pain. This will be used to devise the best massage session for you as an individual. You can find your nearest clinic by typing a term such as massage Oxford into a search engine.

Improved Circulation

During a massage session, muscles and tendons that are tight are restored to a state of relaxation. The process enhances the circulation of blood throughout the body. This leads to extra benefits, such as pain relief and less tiredness.

Decreased Stress

UK statistics indicate that members of the population with stress are affected at different levels of severity. This clusters around the mean, with 34% of people experiencing moderate stress and 33% suffering from moderate-high to high levels. Then, 33% of this group have low to low-moderate stress. Massage is an effective treatment for stress. The benefits may be experienced for weeks after treatment.

Sleep and Mood

Massage can encourage a better night’s sleep. Because it loosens and relaxes the muscles, the body is more at ease and comfortable enough to fall asleep. Massage also has a positive influence on mood.


Tight muscles can reduce your range of motion. Once massage has done its magic to relax muscles, flexibility is enhanced. A professional masseuse will be able to tell you how often to come in and how many treatments you need to recover the full range of motion.

Blood and Lymphatic Systems

Toxins build up in the body in the lymphatic and circulatory systems. Massage stimulates the release of these pollutants from soft tissues. These are then carried away, reducing the level of toxins you carry in the body tissues and systems.

Inflammation and Swelling

If you have had surgery or incur an injury that causes inflammation and swelling, targeted massage can be helpful. Professional sports players have regular sports massages to address game-inflicted injuries and swelling and help muscles release tension after intense training. It can hasten recovery after a surgical procedure.

Anxiety and Depression

Massage therapy provides several benefits to people plagued by constant anxiety and/or depression. It uplifts the moods of sufferers by releasing endorphins into the body. This increases the sense of wellbeing and overall happiness. Massage can have a powerful effect on energy levels, which are often low when anxiety and depression are present.

The benefits of massage are many and varied. If you are unsure if massage will help for a condition you live with, speak to a professional to find out whether massage can improve your quality of life.