March 26, 2023


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Tips On How To Repair A Toilet

Man using tools repairing reservoir in a bathroom in a concept of DIY repairs with copy space


A defective toilet can cost a lot in the long run whether residential or commercial. If the flush is not working properly and water continues to flow through, it is not just a financial burden. About ten liters of clean water run through the toilet every day. Here are solutions for the most common toilet damage and how to fix it:

Direct: Turn Off The Toilet Inlet

If the cistern is defective and water rushes continuously through the pipe, you should turn off the main toilet tap directly and only open it when necessary. The main tap is often located as a corner valve in the cistern’s inlet pipe or in the water tank itself. If you live in a rented apartment, contact the landlord as soon as possible so that they can fix the problem.

Problem Focus: The Water Tank

When it comes to cisterns, a distinction is made between exposed and concealed models. Depending on the situation, the cistern is either under or on the plaster or tiled surface. The cistern is in the wall with the concealed model and is accessible when the decorative panel or the sink keypad is removed. With external toilet boxes, the lid of the cistern can be pulled up.

Repair Broken Parts On The Toilet Yourself

Dirty or worn seals are often a reason for defective toilets. The float can also be broken or stuck, and the valve cannot work.

Many parts can be operated again when they are cleaned. Remove individual parts and soak them in vinegar or citric acid so that limescale residues are dissolved. You can clean seals with detergent. If cleaning does not help, individual parts must be replaced. The search for the defective part is often tedious and takes a long time because you have to try repeatedly or you can request the help of experts like climate control experts plumbing company.

Old Cistern Against New

Repairs are often no longer worthwhile for ancient surface-mounted boxes. You can get new cisterns which will not be expensive. The new models also help to save water.

However, you should check whether the toilet and box are technically compatible. Otherwise, there is a risk of unpleasant clogging if you rinse with too little water.