March 26, 2023


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Tile Floor Care And Maintenance Tips

The tiles are resilient by nature and can withstand all the floor traffic seamlessly. You can use tiles for any of the floors of your house, as they are easy on the pocket and can be maintained easily. When you can care for it well, the strong and durable tile will look the best and last for a lifetime. You can choose from the several designs of tiles by searching for flooring near me.

Cleaning and maintenance tips for tiles

The beauty of the tiles lies in their simplicity, and they require minimum maintenance.

  • Basic maintenance– No surface is impermeable to wear and tear or dirt. However, staining is not an issue with the tiles. Once a week, you should use a damp mop to clean the surface of the tile. You can dilute the water using a neutral detergent that will remove the superficial dirt with less effort. If the dirt and stains are stubborn, increase the concentration of the detergent.
  • Remove the greases and organic stains– Any kind of residential property will build up the greases on the surface of the floor. Especially the dining space and the kitchen are exposed to food waste and cooking oils. The get rid of the residue you would require something abrasive than your regular detergent.
  • Maintain the grout– The grout lines are the first areas that show the early signs of staining the tile floor. You cannot prevent the surface from becoming discolored by simply sealing them. For proper protection of your grout, it should be thoroughly cleaned regularly. Regular cleaning will eliminate the build-up from the surface. You can use a commercial grout cleaner to clean the grout. They can remove the soap scum, algae, grease, mildew stains, and acrylic waxes from the grout joints.
  • Care for natural stone tile– If you have chosen a natural stone tile for your floor, it would wear out before than expected. You should vacuum them or use a dusting mop to remove the dirt and other substances regularly. You should clean stone tile with only neutral pH cleaners.

If you want to clean your tiles and maintain them for years to come, you can do any of the things mentioned above. You can even seek advice from the flooring contractor to know more about the cleaning options.