March 30, 2023


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Three effective ayurvedic remedies for irregular periods

The menstrual cycle is a physiological process that every woman goes through. The female body is a complex system that regulates hormones and the reproductive system.

A healthy menstrual cycle is characterized by regular periods, which occur approximately every 28 days. Periods can be classified as normal if they last for less than eight days and are not accompanied by physical or emotional symptoms.

Abnormalities such as irregular periods or missed ones are common, But there is no relief from this discomfort during that time of the month. Although this biological process is essential to every woman’s health, society quietly ignores it. It is pretty common to experience irregular periods or missed periods. 

There’s no denying that menstruation is a difficult time for many women. The symptoms of menstruation can be uncomfortable and often painful, which makes it hard to get through the day-to-day activities that are important to your health.

But what if there was a way to make menstruation regular? That’s right: some ayurvedic practices and medications like ayurvedic syrup for irregular periods are very effective. Here are three effective remedies for irregular periods:

Cow ghee:

Many women are unaware of the various benefits of cow ghee. Ayurveda suggests Phala Ghrita or Cow Ghee as an effective remedy for various gynecological problems. This nutrient-rich food is an absolute remedy for all these conditions for irregular periods, stomach cramps, and even pregnancy. 

Adding ghee to your diet during the menstrual cycle or throughout pregnancy can help lessen the symptoms of PMS and other pregnancy-related complaints. For example, it can be applied to the abdomen to prevent cramps and uneasiness during menstruation.

Ashoka, Asparagus and Lodhra:

When you’re feeling bloated, crampy, and generally out of sorts, it can be tough to know what’s causing your discomfort. But if you’re getting your period and experiencing symptoms like these, you might be experiencing premenstrual syndrome (PMS).

One particularly effective supplement is Lodhra, Ashoka, and Asparagus, three herbs used for centuries in Ayurveda to help soothe uterine lining and regularize endogenous hormonal secretion. As a result, they can be used to treat symptoms brought on by conditions affecting women’s health and to rectify cyclical rhythm.


If you’re experiencing excessive bleeding during your periods, you may suffer from menorrhagia. Menorrhagia, or heavy bleeding during the menstrual cycle, is a common condition that affects many women. 

This is a result of a number of factors, including hormonal imbalances, polyps or fibroids in the uterus, anemia, and other issues. Luckily, some Ayurvedic syrup for period problems such as formulations like Kumaryasavam for periods has been known to help control excessive bleeding and improve period health in women. 

Ashokarishta and Shatavari churna both have antifibrinolytic properties, which means they can help with excessive bleeding. Similarly, Draksharishtam has also increased women’s immunity and stamina.

Extra tip: Many women suffer from mood swings and PMS symptoms during their periods. These symptoms are more pronounced in case of an irregularity, so Shatavari is utilized to lessen the frequently discussed mood swings or PMS symptoms during periods, which only get worse in the event of an irregularity.


Irregular periods are a common issue during menstruation. This is why it is advised to see a doctor and examine your hormone levels if you experience fluctuations in the amount of blood you lose, excluding the regular flow that occurs during menstruation. Furthermore, irregularities can indicate several health problems, such as polycystic ovarian syndrome, cancer, or thyroid dysfunction.