March 26, 2023


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The Joys of Having a Roommate 

If you are an introvert or prize your alone time and solitude, the thought of having a roommate might leave you running for the hills. It’s true having a roommate can be a daunting prospect, especially if you only like to be responsible for yourself. However, if you can get past a few concerns and find someone who works well with your idea of a home, there can be so many joys to sharing a place.

This piece is going to take a look at the joys of having a roommate, so you can psych yourself up for the benefits if you are going to share a place somewhere.

A Chance to Save Money

It is no secret how expensive it is to rent a place anywhere at the moment. To try and do it solo can leave you in financial bother. While it should not be so expensive just to live and there is a bigger issue at play that needs to be addressed, in the meantime, getting a roommate or moving in somewhere that has a roommate can help ease these costs. 

Find yourself a buddy with a flat share London property, so you know there is someone that can split the rent and utilities. This can help you put away that little bit more into the bank for when you need it, which at the moment, might just be always. 

An Extra Safety Net

Living alone, especially as a woman or another minority group, can be a little worrying at times. Along with being followed by someone who knows they live alone, there are also other risks. A study has found that previously, couples who live together or those with roommates are much less likely to be burgled than those who live separately.

Not only that but there will also be someone on hand if something goes wrong in your apartment. For example, if you need someone to call for help, if someone needs an ambulance, or if you need someone to let you in – all of these are much easier when you have a roommate!

Someone to Be Spontaneous With 

It can get a little lonely at times if you live alone, and trying to get friends together for plans can feel next to impossible when you all have separate lives and conflicting schedules. Sure, this will probably be the case for you and your roommate too, but on the off chance you have an afternoon or evening off at the same time, or a 2-hour gap, you have someone there to watch a movie with, grab lunch with, or encourage enthusiastically to join you on a night out.

It is much easier to hang out with people in snatched moments when you live with them, and being able to have that 2am catch up or impromptu trip out for cocktails can keep things exciting. You might even try things you wouldn’t usually try on your own!