September 22, 2023


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Portacool Coolers to Consider for Heavy Duty Functions

When it comes to the outdoors and outdoor activities, stepping out with the right tools and equipment makes a world of difference. The right grade and size are essential when it comes to evaporative coolers for heavy-duty functions. The Portacool portable evaporative cooler can be considered a wise option. That is because it doesn’t add so much weight to your already packed outdoor gear. It also applies to people who work in factories and large industries. We all know that labor is one of the most expensive parts of running a business. Under high heat conditions, it is near impossible to get the best from your workers as studies have shown that employee productivity is reduced by about 30 percent when the temperature at the workplace rises to 100°F from 80°F. The heat that comes in summer can be a nightmare, and sometimes, it is even hotter indoor than outdoor. The dangers that come with heat exhaustion can sometimes be underestimated and they are not limited to workers who do outdoor activities in the summer. Therefore, getting things right, especially with the weather conditions at a reasonable price is a win-win. 

Why Portacool?

You might ask, why Portacool coolers when I can go for an industrial air conditioner? Well, as much as ACs do a good job, your focus is on a device that would do a great job at a lesser price. The problems that come with installing an air conditioner are numerous. The challenges range from how expensive it is to install, the amount of energy they consume-it quickly doubles your electricity bills, and of course, we can’t miss the cost of maintenance. You would need to continuously care for, maintain and replace coils, pumps, condensers, and fans. It is not so with a portable industrial cooler. There is no cost to install and set it up; it is energy efficient, as it saves up considerable cost in electricity bill, maintenance requires little or no effort, and they are not mechanically complicated, making it less to break. Also, it’s easy to move around to where you need it to do the job for you. 

The Portacool evaporative cooler you can trust for heavy-duty functions, especially in factories or warehouses, would be the Portacool portable industrial air coolers’ range. 

The Portacool portable evaporative cooler has some efficient high-function fans that make them highly operational and competent. Check out Jetstream 250 or Jetstream 260. Even Hazardous Locations 260 and 270 will serve you well for high-end comfort in rough locations.