June 4, 2023


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Popular rug materials

The steps that you take to decorate your home are very important. When it comes to flooring, the rug is an easiest and cheapest way than other types of flooring. They are beautiful pieces of art with attractive colors and patterns. By placing rugs you can give some change and style to the room. Rugs add ambiance and elegance with textures, shades and patterns. If you choose the option of rugs, you can decor the interior according to your desire. The rugs are available in a variety of designs which can be adjusted in any kind of decor. But, if you want something different for the home then you do not need to worry. The rugs can be customized and you can get them ready in your own style. They provide safety against slips and help in reducing the noise of home. When one goes to purchase the rug, the first question is how much they will be useful? How much their life will be? It all depends on the material. There are many materials and each material is unique in itself. The more right material you will choose, the more years your carpet will work.

There are many materials available in the market. Popular ones are as follows. Read them and determine which will best for you.

  • Bamboo Rugs

Have you kids and pets in home? If you have then you need bamboo rugs. These rugs are resistant to stains and do not attract hair. Bamboo rugs are very easy to clean and free the homeowners from the hassle of rug cleaning again and again. If you are looking for the rug that may coordinate any kind of setting, you can consider bamboo rugs. They are enriched with many styles and colors, offer elegance to any space. However, they are not good against spills and water. Noeffective in humid places.

  • Cotton Rugs

Cotton rugs are very comfortable and provide great warmth to the feet. If you are suffering from the allergy then you can still place cotton rugs in the home because these rugs are non-allergic. These rugs are very soft and can be used in those areas where you or your family member love to sit on the floor. Cotton rug stains easily and dries out slowly. For the heavy foot traffic area, cotton rugs are not recommended. If you have less budget then you can consider these rugs. Anyone can bear the cost of cotton rugs.

  • Polyester Rugs

Polyester rugs come with a lot of vibrant colors that do not easily fade. They are soft synthetic fiber rugs that can provide softness under bare feet. No need to follow difficult methods of clean as they are resistant to stains and require less care.

  • Wool Rugs

Looking for the rug for the heavy foot traffic area? Wool rugs are well-known all over the world for their strength and durability. The high-quality wool rugs are manufactured from the wool of New Zealand’s sheep. Those who are looking for long-lasting rugs, wool rugs can be proved ideal for them. These rugs can pass down from generation to generation. Wool rugs are suitable for those pockets who have a high budget because their prices are high. But to be honest they provide money’s worth. They are flame-resistance, water-resistance and stain-resistance.

  • Silk Rugs

The shiny appearance of silk rugs makes them different from the other rugs and if you want something more eye-catching, you can consider silk rugs. The silk rugs are thin and can be stretched up 30% longer. Silk is expensive and luxurious fiber, which can be used in the modern setting. Silk rugs are less durable than wool. But if you want a rug for a high traffic area at an affordable price then silk rugs can be considered because they are cheaper than wool rugs.

  • Polypropylene Rugs

Polypropylene is a tough synthetic material. Many people purchase polypropylene rugs. The first reason is that they are strong enough to withstand daily wears and tears. The second reason is that they are available at friendly prices, to whom anyone can afford. Of course! You can install them in the busy area of the home.