March 29, 2023


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Most Healthy Foods That You Can Offer Your Pet Dogs Right Away

If you have a pet dog at home then your dog might be someone who comes and begs food whenever you are at your dining table. There are some situations when you can share your food with your food but there are some food items that might be dangerous for your dogs.

Given below are some of the healthiest items that you can give to your pet dogs. Have a look:

Fish and shrimp

Shrimp can be a good food option for your dog when all the shells are fully removed and when it is cooked properly. Fish is another food that is excellent for dogs as fish contains amino acids and good fat. You can give salmon to your dog as salmon contains vitamins and proteins. Fish that is uncooked or cooked less must not be offered to dogs and also it must be made sure that fish is not offered more than twice a week. You can try out high quality dog food in Bangalore.

Turkey and chicken

If your dog suffers from protein deficiency then you can consider feeding it cooked and unseasoned chicken. If a situation arises when you have no dog food left at home and you need to feed your dog then you can feed it chicken prepared without spices or seasoning. You can also offer turkey to your dog but make sure that it is not seasoned especially with garlic. Garlic is known to be very toxic to canines. You must remove all the excess fat and skins along with the bones before handing over the turkey to the dog.


Pork is a very good food for dogs. It contains digestible proteins and is loaded with amino acids.Also; it causes very less allergies in pets as compared to other meats that may cause allergies. One thing must be kept in mind here and that is that pork contains many calories as compared to other meat options and thus must be given to the dog in moderation.


Eggs are one food item that is healthy both for humans as well as for dogs. They are a great source of protein and also calm down an upset stomach. They must be cooked properly and not fed raw as raw egg whites can create biotin deficiency in dogs. Search for an offshore fresh pet food near me.


It can be summed up by saying that there are many options when it comes to dog food. You just need to be careful about the moderation in which they are given.