September 21, 2023


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Leaking Air conditioner? Here is how to fix it

Mankind has managed to regulate temperature at the homes and this is possibly the best invention ever. Air conditioners, erstwhile a luxury, are a necessity these days. Global warming and pollution have made the temperature rise to unbearable levels and this has increased the role of Air conditioners more than ever.

However, just like any other machine, air conditioners too are prone to wear and tear. They require proper servicing and, sometimes, replacements. If this servicing is done in a shoddy way by some unprofessional, the issue is likely to compound in size. That is why always prefer choosing experts for air conditioner service.

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Reasons for leaking water from an Air conditioner

If your leaking air conditioner is not fixed, you will be left with a dysfunctional air conditioner in the midst of sweltering hot weather.

A few reasons for air conditioner leaking water are:

1- Clogged drain – Clogged drain is the most common reason for leaking the air conditioner. The drain line is the connecting link between the overflow pan and the drainpipe. If this link is clogged, it is but natural for your air conditioner to leak water. You must analyse the source of the leaking water first.

If the water is streaming not from the front, then chances are that the tubes have caught dirt or dust. Clear the dirt from the tubes to allow a free flow of water.

2- Damaged overflow pan- This pan is located below the air conditioner unit. A damaged pan will lead to the spilling of water on the floor. Analyse each corner carefully for any ridges, holes or cracks which might lead to the draining of water outside the air conditioner unit. Once you find the cracks, fill them with epoxy.

3- Dirty filter- Dirty filter has to be changed from time to time as it impedes the flow of air in the unit. This difficulty of the flow of air leads to the extreme cooling of air around the evaporator coil which causes the coil to freeze. This leads to the formation of ice inside the unit which will melt and leak out of the unit.

4- Incorrect installation – Usually, if your new air conditioner is leaking water, the predominant reason for such leak is the wrong installation. Ideally, the air conditioner must be on a flat surface. If it is not on the level, the water in the overflow pan will inevitably leak.


Air conditioner fixing can be a typical task and since the stakes are too high, always prefer getting such issues handled by experts. is on such a team and they can be reached out on TwitterFacebook and Pinterest.