March 26, 2023


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How to interview an AC technician before hiring them?

Side view of male technician examining fusebox with multimeter probe

Hiring an AC technician seems like a piece of cake if you have guessed or understood how to interview them. We can’t act naïve or dumb while hiring one, can we? Thus, even if we do not have the technological background of an AC system, we must at least know the basics of how to finding the best contractor for your AC repairs.

Refer to this article if you are ever confused of the questions to be asked to a technician at the time of interviewing them for your AC inspection. 

How to interview an AC technician before hiring them?

  • Why did you become an AC technician?

One of the important queries to ask an AC technician is his reason of becoming a technician. For those who are working for the sake of earning their living won’t be motivated to work for long term on contract. They must easily switch to a different job for better pay and better opportunities.

  • Are you available all days and during emergency too?

Ask your technician if he is available to serve you at any hour of the need. AC is a technology that can fail any time of the day or night. People owning commercial property cannot afford to be without ACs for a longer time. Thus, you must always check if they will be available during emergency need for AC checks and inspection.

  • Do you handle all sorts of AC related work?

Ask your AC technician if they perform all types of tasks from installation to repair and maintenance. Having an all-rounder helps in the long run and you don’t have to struggle in finding different people for different tasks related to AC system.

  • Can you give some references of your previous clients?

Seek references of previous clients from your AC technician. We bet if they are professional they will immediately share some references with you. Previous case histories of customers help one to know what kind of requests they have handled in the past and how they have resolved the AC issues.

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