March 26, 2023


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Hairstyling Products For Men

For many people, hairstyling is associated specifically with women. Certainly, It is not right, as every man also should look after himself and his whole appearance. You must admit that a professional and tidy hairstyle on a man can emphasize his stability, style, and immaculate taste.

Staring at perfect male hairstyles on actors, models in fashion magazines, it can seem that it’s just a result of a good haircut. It’s not like that at all. A haircut is only a base for styling. No matter how long the barber assures you, any haircut will not look perfect without nice styling in barbershop on Manhattan.

Primarily, you should understand which style will suit you well. It can be a disheveled image or a natty hair setting. Choosing a product which you will use for styling you should consider individual physical features, and an expected result. Maybe you have to try several styling products until you don’t find that one which is perfect for you.

Men, of course, you can borrow fixing products from your wife or girlfriend, but why? In many stores you will find a line of products designed specifically for men: gels, pastes, foams, waxes … They allow you to create exactly male styling: without excessive shine, giving hair the most natural look.

Short hair should be set with a gel which can create a needed fixation. If you have long locks, you can apply wax or pomade. A modelled hair paste can be a universal remedy. It will help to give your hair the right position while still making it look natural.

Clay is not as common as other styling products. But it fits all strands. It is dense and a little sticky. It allows hair to keep its shape for a long time. The foam has a light consistency. Apply it from roots to ends getting voluminous hair. It feels a little sticky, but it is invisible on the strands.

 Every male hairstyle should be started from the blow-drier. It will give your haircut a proper direction and volume. Head the airflow to that direction in which you want your hair to be set. If you do such a styling with a blow-dry, your hair will start to grow gradually in the right direction. Remember: you shouldn’t hold a blow-dry too close, so the hot air can lead to scalp irritation and hair destruction.

Gel styling requires some knack. Although it is a fairly popular styling product, it should not be used without preparation. Firstly, it gives hair the wet look style, which is not suitable for everyone and is out of style. Secondly, if it’s used improperly, the hair will visually look dirty. Also, you shouldn’t use a gel if you have long hair, as it will make locks unmanageable and stiff.

And remember that it is significant to rinse the styling products off before going to bed. The weight of gel, hair spray, or paste can easily damage your hair and very sensitive scalp which can lead to hair loss.

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