March 29, 2023


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Essential French dogs care that every owner should have

As soon as we start to consider the idea of ​​having a Frenchie, we know that it will be necessary to have some specific care. Walking dogs daily is one of the most important, besides helping him to exercise and expend energy. It also prevents him from developing health problems like obesity and depression. So, continue reading this post and check out the tips we’ve separated for you.

Keep your dog healthy

Bathing, grooming, and cutting nails, brushing hair and also teeth: these are primary care that should not be missing from your dog’s routine. The ideal frequency for each of these cares is:

  • Bath: at least twice a month,
  • Grooming: can be done every 45 days,
  • Cut the nails: they should be cut every seven days or at least twice a month,
  • Brushing hair: brushing is very important for removing dead hair and keeping it soft and shiny.
  • Brush teeth: to prevent your Frenchie dog from developing oral diseases.

Set aside time for games

This greater contact between the dog and the owner is very important for his well-being and to always make him happy and satisfied. Take about twenty minutes to play some games.

Take it regularly to see the vet

To be sure that your dog’s health is all right, make a note of annual visits to the veterinarian on your calendar and not only when the pet exhibits any different behavior or symptom. During these visits, take the opportunity to clear all doubts and update vaccines.

Ensure quality food

The ideal amount of feed and times your French bulldog should be fed will depend on age, size and breed. You can either follow the directions given in the feed package or ask your vet for guidance to make sure your friend is getting quality food. When choosing the food, give preference to one that has a good cost-benefit.

Place a nameplate

Regardless of the situation, it may happen that your dog can escape one day – either during a walk or because someone left your door open. To feel safe, invest in a nameplate with all the necessary contact information. Currently, it is already possible to find identification plates with a QR-Code, in which only those who find it use a mobile device to access all data related to the dog online.

What did you think of our tips? Have you followed all these care for the dog?