March 30, 2023


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Essential amino acids list

Have you ever wondered how the human body is beautiful yet so complicated because of the complex structures and system? Once you realise this fact, you will be grateful to have a healthy body and mind to live this life. The basic yet difficult way to maintain this is by having a well-balanced meal and an active lifestyle. Lysine orange tablets in the market may be a new product to some people. In this article, we will be focusing on one of the main nutrients that plays a vital role in the body system, amino acids, which is the same reason why lysine orange tablets are produced.

Amino acids are molecules that when combined, form proteins. Proteins are vital for humans as it helps to build and repair body tissues and muscles. Protein is needed for the body to produce hormones and enzymes which aids in a lot of the body system. The immune system depends on protein to produce antibody cells in order to fight off infections and inflammation diseases. Protein also helps to supply the body with energy. All these functions are made possible by the amino acids being the building blocks.

Amino acid firstly existed in tiny building blocks. These tiny building blocks are then connected to become long chains. These chains are then folded into many types of shapes such as spirals, zigzag sheets and loops. Combining these three shapes makes up the 3D three-dimensional protein shape. Recent studies show that the human body only uses 21 amino acids to produce protein. Although the number may seem small, the body actually is able to produce thousands of different kinds of proteins from a combination of these 21 amino acids.

Out of these 21 amino acids, 9 amino acids are considered as essential amino acids. Essential amino acids are defined as amino acids that you can only get from food or supplements because the body is unable to produce it. These essential amino acids are super important for your body function and lack of any of the 9 amino acids can result in devastated health problems. Such health problems include low immunity level, digestive problems, growth problems in children, muscle wasting, fatigue, fertility issues and susceptible to mental disorders.

Here is list of 9 essential amino acids:

1-  Histidine

2-  Isoleucine

3-  Leucine

4-  Lysine

5-  Methionine

6-  Phenylalanine

7-  Threonine

8-  Tryptophan

9-  Valine

In order to avoid such health problems and be sure you are getting all the essential amino acids, you need to know where to get it. Just as mentioned, essential amino acids can only be gained from food and supplement. These essential amino acids are high in food such as egg, beef, fish, turkey, dairy products, soy, beans, nuts, spinach, asparagus, mushroom and quinoa. If you are not sure you can get all these essential amino acids, supplements available might be a great help to cover what is lacking from the food you eat on a daily basis.

We may have heard that vegetarians or vegans may be at risk for having low protein in their body due to their diet preferences and it seems like the most food high in protein is meat-based. However, this is not entirely true because whenever they are eating a combination of plant-based food such as having beans with rice, they are still getting the protein needed for the day and eventually all the essential amino acids. There is no need for you to separate essential and nonessential amino acids at every meal. It is enough to have a balance of both amino acids by having a variety of food containing proteins.