February 8, 2023


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Diabetes And Cannabis What You Should Know

Teaching and Knowing how to start a dispensary is a very interesting topic that has got many people discussing their knowledge on the usefulness of cannabis, its medical and clinical impact on mankind, and also on the other hand many people have been discussing how harmful they think it would be for it to be consumed, while some discussion on how it has been labeled as a harmful substance by government and government agencies and how users are seen as criminals and peddlers, and how their government works assiduously to ensure those set of people are seriously imprisoned, jailed and made to pay fines.

In recent times, there have been many types of research and counter researches on cannabis and its effect on humans, some said that cannabis is only useful for getting high and giddy while some tried proving that the use of cannabis cannot be overemphasized as they are too numerous to be stated, while reeling out some of the usefulness of the green plant, cannabis, it is said that cannabis can be used as medicines for managing and preventing the ailment called diabetes. Diabetes is a disease that people suffer from when their blood glucose level is a very high level and percentage, the blood sugar is the major producer of energy to the body and that is extracted from food consumed by humans when the glucose level is too high then humans are prone to diseases, there has been no known cure for diabetes in recent times but the use of cannabis has been said to help regulate the level of diabetes and also it has also been proven by some researchers in the field of medicine that it can also help stop people from having diabetes if they include it as food supplements or oral drugs for people as it is said to stabilize the amount of glucose into the blood and maintain blood pressure and improve the circulation of blood in the body system.

If cannabis is actually good for maintaining diabetes and maintain blood pressure then, approving its use and consumption should be encouraged in all countries as many people are been affected by diabetes, diabetes on its own makes people vulnerable to other diseases and ailments that can terminate one’s life, it has been proven that people with diabetes are at a very high risk of losing their lives if they are affected by other diseases and ailment unlike people who are affected by such disease but without diabetes, during coronavirus pandemic breakout, most diabetic patients who were affected by the coronavirus died very quickly even with medical attention that was given them.  It is best that government sensitize people on the good effect of cannabis on us humans and why it shouldn’t be abused, people should also learn How to open a dispensary so as to learn how cannabis can be used to process medical drugs for the benefit of all.