March 26, 2023


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Ceiling Painting – Choose the Perfect Paint Colour for Your Ceiling

There were the days when standard flat white ceiling painting was in trend. Nowadays, people now realize that their ceiling painting must have some interesting colours. The ceiling colours are needed to be considered when choosing the perfect paints for your home. However, it is a little tricky to paint the ceiling other than white colour. But it is great to add some other colours as it is similar to adding colours to your life.

You can change the atmosphere of your home by changing the painting of your home ceilings. Even a hint of colour can make a big difference in the appearance of your room. If you apply light peach on the ceiling along with a warm rosy hue, it will definitely brighten the room much more than a cold white. Paint on a ceiling is also used to alter the appearance and look of ceiling height.

If you want to make the appearance of your room ceiling lower in a cavernous room, then you should paint dark colours on the walls of the room and the ceiling white; it will make the ceiling seemingly close. There are a few recommendations that can help homeowners to choose the perfect shade for the ceiling every time.

First of all, if you want to give a unique yet classy look to your room, consider lighter or cooler colours for lower ceilings. If the ceiling of your room is eight-foot, then there are high chances that your space is already feeling low. And if you apply a dark paint colour on it, then it will only accentuate a low ceiling and make the entire space feel like you are in a cave. If your room ceiling is not so high, then you should go for lighter colours, such as cream shades or off-whites will go best with low-level ceilings.

If you consider different colour paints rather than standard white shades, it will help raise the ceiling and make it feel like it is moving away from you. You should go for the cooler off white, which comes with blue or green undertones. You should consider the colour of the ceiling of your room one or two shades lighter than the wall colour.

But if the ceiling of your home is really high, as in the case in many two-story family entryways and family rooms these days, you should go for the darker and warmer colours. This will help to make the space less stark and cold.  A dark chocolate colour painting on a two-story ceiling can have a great impact on a room.

If you want to increase the value of your room ceiling, then it is recommended to consider bringing the paint colour up the side ceilings and then you should paint the darker colour to the top of the ceiling and lighter shade of the wall colour. This can highlight the architectural detailing of the room, and at the same time, it avoids the uneven paint lines.

It is recommended to always paint the same colour around and under soffits and also under the low vaulted ceilings.  And when these places are painted the same colour as ceiling colour, it will end up causing a break in the eye. Always paint such areas and spaces the same colour as the colour of the walls, and it will end up causing continuity and flow.

While choosing the paint colour for the entire home, it is good to choose the ceiling colour as well. In this way, you will ensure to get a perfect colour scheme that goes best with your personal style as well as the design of your home. So while choosing a perfect ceiling painting, you don’t need to be a perfectionist to have a fabulous ceiling. A little know-how about paint colours is able to change the entire look of your home as well as your life.