March 26, 2023


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A Buzz that Doesn’t End Up in Kidney: Five Common Myths in Pest Control

When it comes to pest control, we’ve all heard our share of theories about what works best. And let’s be honest, pest control enthusiasts love to tell their latest improvised solutions. Chances are you’ve heard a friend or family member brag about how they’ve overcome a rat problem in their home. Maybe you’ve ventured into the abyss of online videos to listen to video bloggers describe their “proven” ways to keep flies away from your property. Or maybe you’re applying pest control tips, wrongly, that you heard several years ago.

No matter where you gained your knowledge about parasites, it is essential that you can distinguish fiction from reality in order to effectively fight against these unwanted invaders. Let’s try to eliminate some of these common (but false) beliefs about parasites:

  • Rodents are attracted to cheese

If you’ve ever listened to comics, you’ve probably observed an unsuspecting rodent-like character who gets lured to a trap with the help of a delicious piece of cheese. You may have even tried this kind of tactic yourself. Unfortunately, rats and mice do not show their heads because you left a huge piece of gorgonzola cheese in the corner. In reality, rodents are attracted to a wide variety of food sources, especially sweet foods and seeds. And even, preparing a delicious small plate is not the best way to get rid of rodents. While you can trick them into a trap, you can also lure others into joining the party.

  • Store-bought repellents can solve a problem with flies or mosquitoes

As the summer season brings mosquito hunting, it can be tempting to use store-bought repellents such as sprayers, lamps or blowtorches to quickly combat flying insects. Unfortunately, even if you manage to keep these little grumpy demons away for a while, you are not going to the source of the problem. In many cases, there is a bigger problem somewhere on your property. Singapore mosquito control specialist can determine the source of these pests more accurately and help you eliminate the problem once and for all.

  • Parasites will not enter a clean place

Oh, that’s a completely false myth. No matter how you rub, spray or sanitize, pests will always find a way to make your space habitable. Of course, removing clutter can help eliminate places of refuge, but parasites are very tenacious in their search for food, water and shelter. It’s highly likely that your home or business will offer these sources in abundance, which means they will always be favourite targets for pests.

  • The installation of traps is enough to capture any parasite

Sticky traps and light traps can be a useful component of a comprehensive pest management strategy, but as stand-alone prevention measures, they will not solve the problem. Many homeowners and business owners simply set traps, forget about them, and then they consider pest prevention to be settled. On its own, this technique is far from being resistant enough to keep parasites away. In addition, the parasites that accumulate in these traps, managed passively, can create sanitation problems if the traps are not replaced regularly.

  • All professional pest control services use hazardous chemicals

When you imagine a termite treatment Singapore professional, you may perceive people with masks spraying a mist of chemicals all over the house or building. In fact, a reputable supplier will offer you integrated pest management (IPM) solutions, which will allow you to design a program focused primarily on the exclusion of pests and non-chemical treatment methods. Even if chemicals are needed, you can rest assured that the products are safe, and that your technician will explain the process in detail before starting service.

The truth is that there are far-fetched theories about how to effectively combat parasites. That’s why it’s important to know the facts so you can make informed decisions to strengthen your defences.