June 4, 2023


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5 Benefits of Having an Air Conditioner Checkup Before Summer

Summer is a favorite season for many people. The weather is typically warm, plants and animals are out in abundance, and it’s a great time for fun in the sun. However, with summer can come incredible heat waves and sweltering air. With the weather in recent years only getting hotter, air conditioners are put to the test to keep your home nice and cool. That means your AC is used more and therefore more likely to need repairs during the summer months.

Plus, technology tends to wear down over time. As your air conditioner gets older, it may become less effective at cooling your home. Regular maintenance can mitigate some of that inefficiency, however, and lengthen the life of your AC unit.  So it’s always a great idea to have an air conditioner checkup before summer really sets in. Here are five reasons to schedule your checkup with an HVAC professional today.

1. Lower Your Utility Bill

With your air conditioner being used more in the summertime, your energy bill will increase as well, but it doesn’t have to increase as much as you might fear. When an HVAC technician checks your AC unit, they’ll clean out any dust, pollen, or debris that has found its way into the unit, change the air filter, and inspect your ductwork for potential leaks or buildup. Removing anything that might block the flow of air will increase the efficiency of your air conditioner, ensuring your home is more comfortable and saving you money on your bills.

It may not seem like much, but even if you save $10 a month on your heating bill, that’s $120 a year that you saved. You could use that money elsewhere and enjoy yourself.

2. Less Chance of Breaking Down

Air conditioners always seem to break down on the hottest days of the year, don’t they? There’s actually a reason for this: when the weather gets hot, your AC has to work harder to keep your home cool. That can make small issues you didn’t notice before worse.

An air conditioner checkup can save you the headache of a breakdown during a peak heat wave—coincidentally, when HVAC professionals are at their busiest and might not be able to rush over as fast as you’d like. A pre-summer checkup will allow a technician to spot potential problems before they become larger.

3. Improves Air Quality

If you live in a climate that has dramatic seasonal changes in the weather, spring is the perfect time to get your air conditioner into shape for summer. With rapid freezing and rethawing in winter and even in fall, some parts of your unit are exposed to the outside elements. This affects how well your system performs to keep your house cool as well as the quality of the air circulating through your home. As we mentioned, dirt and other debris collect on your AC throughout the year, and mold and mildew can build up over time as well, but a simple cleaning can make a big difference.

With changing weather and moisture levels and normal annual wear and tear, dust, pollen, mold, dirt, and more can get into your unit and ductwork. This means that every time air passes through the system, it has the potential to pick up this debris and carry it into your home, where you and your family breathe it in. But when an HVAC technician changes the filter and cleans out the AC unit, all of that air pollution is removed. You’ll be able to breathe easy all summer long.

4. Keep Your AC Running Longer

An air conditioner checkup can keep your reliable AC unit running for years. Potentially beyond its factory-listed warranty. While newer air conditioners can be more efficient, they can be expensive. Even before installing the unit. Like with the old saying, don’t fix what isn’t broken—or buy something new that you don’t absolutely need.

Keeping your existing air conditioner in good working order can keep it running smoothly for years to come, however, putting off the need to invest in a new unit. An AC checkup allows a technician to remedy small problems before they get bigger, keep the system cleared of debris, and check refrigerant levels, all ensuring the unit’s longevity.

5. Fix Now What Can Be a Huge Problem Later On, and Save Money

Preventive maintenance is your greatest weapon in making sure you save as much money as possible. You take advantage of this every time you take your car in for an oil change or visit your doctor for an annual physical. You might not notice an issue with your air conditioner until your home starts to feel uncomfortable or you notice your unit isn’t working right.

A technician, however, knows what they’re looking for, and if there’s a potential problem, a spring checkup will give them an opportunity to discover the issue and solve it before you’re AC-less or worse. Taking care of a potential problem now will help you save hundreds of dollars to fix it later and prevent an emergency from happening in your home.

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