March 26, 2023


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3 Interior Design Bedroom Trends for Your Balham Home in 2023

Here’s a question to ask yourself – when is the last time you updated your bedroom décor in your Balham home? Have you been living in your home for years and have yet to give the bedroom any attention in terms of design? Because bedrooms aren’t usually used during the daytime, all too often people tend to just ignore them and not worry about how they look. The thing is, having a beautiful and stylish bedroom is something that can be incredibly rewarding. It could be the kind of space you actually want to retreat to.

If all of this sounds great and you’re ready to put on your design cap, then these trends will be very enlightening. Here are three interior design bedroom trends that you’ll want to try for 2023.

Florals Return But with a New Twist

Florals are one of those things that seem to come and go over the years, and for 2023, they are back in a big way. But before you make assumptions about what it would look like, florals have taken on a modern twist. The idea is to embrace the trend with more subtlety. Rather than hang loud floral wallpaper on all four walls, you can create a feature wall instead. Or you can make homemade framed art with a piece of wallpaper in an oversized frame, purchase floral bedding, and use floral throw pillows and floral artwork. The goal should be little pops of floral, acting as an accent in the space.

Carpeting Is Having a Big Moment

Another hot interior design trend for the bedroom in 2023 is carpeting. Many homeowners have replaced their carpeting with hardwood flooring or laminate in recent years, but nothing about this screams ‘comfort’ in a bedroom. There are many stunning styles, colours and textures available to choose from nowadays, and it can even act as a standout feature in the room. If you don’t want to completely replace the flooring, you can look at an area rug to add texture, warmth and interest to the space. Good quality Balham carpets are relatively easy to find, allowing you to focus on what makes the most sense for your bedroom.

Oversized Headboards Look Magazine-Worthy

If you want to add an ultra-trendy touch to the space, an oversized headboard is a great choice. Keep in mind that, if you’re going to install an oversized headboard, you want to keep the bedding minimal so that the headboard is visible. This means scaling back on the throw pillows that you may typically line up along the head of the bed.

While there are no rules on the colour, style or material used for the headboard, fabric-wrapped headboards are probably the trendiest of the moment. You can dabble in bright or soft colours, patterns or prints. If you’re the DIY type, you can even upholster your existing headboard to update it.

These trends will help you to transform your bedroom into a stylish oasis you look forward to spending time in.