March 26, 2023


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What Is So Special About A Lily?

For flower lovers, you must be familiar with this one. Lily has a distinctive aroma. The shape is unique with various colors, making anyone who sees it will be amazed by the beauty that radiates. They are one of the most recognizable varieties worldwide. They are usually used as a beautiful bouquet, garlands, and arranged in a vase as a centerpiece of the room. There are so many charms of them that make lilies special. Then what makes lily bouquets special?

1. The fragrance

They are a very popular type of flower, found in North America, Asia, Europe, and Australia. Its large petals, elegant appearance, and distinctive fragrance attracted the hearts of many people around the world. Especially, the white one has a sweet fragrance. It is the fragrance that attracts insects. In ancient times, the Egyptians made their fragrance as perfume and a mixture of ointments.

2. Have up to 100 types

They have 108 species worldwide that deserve to be named the most popular flower. However, the liliums themselves are more commonly found in Sakura, Japan. According to some, their varieties are widespread there, and Japan is the best place to find them.

3. Used as medicine

It has antimicrobial properties obtained from its extracts. Antimicrobials are used for both infection therapy and infection prevention. The way to make it is to puree its leaves and then apply them to the wound. Let stand a few moments to dry, then wash off.

The plant extract is also used as an antioxidant, both in the bulbs, leaves, and petals. The anti-inflammatory content in the leaves is believed to relieve heartburn and sore throat. The leaves of lilium also contain ingredients that can overcome insomnia and endurance.

4. An edible plant

 Lily is an edible plant. In China, they like to eat dried bulbs. They use it to decorate food or make vegetable dishes. The leaves can also be used as a mixture of vegetables or healthy and delicious dishes.

5. Durable cut flowers

One thing that makes them special is their durability as a cut flower. Like tulips, they have straight, slender stems, making them very pretty to serve as room centerpieces and bouquets. Care for them is very easy; change the water every other day so that your Lilium will keep blooming beautifully and fresh for up to two weeks.

6. Various meanings both from a cultural and religious perspective

It has been an indispensable attribute of the goddess for centuries in Greek culture. According to Greco-Roman legend, they grew from the milk of Hera – the goddess of the earth. Whereas in ancient Greek weddings, the bride wore a crown of liliums and wheat, symbolizing purity and abundance.

The ancient Egyptians symbolized them as a symbol of fertility and rebirth. In Rome, they symbolize hope and even decorated ancient times. It is widely believed that it is a symbol of fertility. So, in ancient Egypt, they decorated the bodies of young dead virgins. In this way, the Egyptians believed that they condemned them to live happily with many otherworldly children.

It is also a symbol of healing and good luck in Chinese culture. They give it to friends or relatives as condolence and comfort those who the loss of their loved ones has hurt. There is a strong belief that they help a lot in recovering anxiety and depression. Lilium is also in demand for weddings because her name sounds like the beginning of a sentence wishing the couple would be happy forever.

It was considered a distinctive sign of representatives of the aristocratic family for some nations. As a sign of respect and nobility, they were used in medieval Crete, Byzantium, France.

In Christianity, Lilium is associated with the Virgin Mary Immaculate image. That is why they always symbolize modesty, virginity, humility, and tenderness.

1. The beauty benefits of lilies

Besides having medical benefits, they also have beauty benefits for your face. The lilies that have been extracted are proven to be able to moisturize dry facial skin and treat sensitive skin and irritated skin, even at a severe level. If you have sensitive skin, it is highly recommended to choose a hand body with Lilium. Then, they contain high polysaccharides proven to increase viscosity and maintain water content in the skin so that the skin is not too dry and dull. The substances contained by these lilies will also make your skin rough and not sticky.

2. Different colors mean different occasion

Of course, each type of flower has a different meaning for life. Therefore, you must first consider which liliums are right when choosing them to represent your feelings. The yellow color of lilies is synonymous with bright colors that give the impression of being happy and full of joy to make your day more enjoyable. They symbolize gratitude to friends who have accompanied your days and always give you happiness. However, if you give them excessively, it is interpreted as falsehood and feelings of depression.

In general, the white color means holy and clean, like that is the meaning contained in the white lily. In other words, they imply purity, purity, sincerity, glory, new life, and friendship. They will be chosen for special moments, such as Valentine’s Day or anniversary celebration. This indicates that someone sincerely loves them.

If the red rose is known as the symbol of love, this is different from the red lily. The color red has always been symbolized as a source of great strength, passion, and energy. Underlies the red lily bouquet is interpreted as a symbol of prosperity and wealth. It is perfect if given to congratulate your friend’s new business launch.

Unlike the others, the orange lily has a negative meaning, especially if you give it in an excessive amount. It turns out to symbolize hatred, lies, pride, and humiliation. This is inversely proportional to the color orange philosophy, which tends to have a sense of high optimism, self-confidence, and passionate enthusiasm. You can mix orange lilies with other types of flowers or lilies with other colors.

After you know what is special about them, you can calmly choose which Lilium is suitable to represent your feelings. If you want to give a flower arrangement either in a bouquet or in a vase, choose a bouquet in the right color. You can choose which lily bouquet is suitable on the flower delivery Singapore florist website. They also provide gift delivery Singapore so that you can send beautiful flowers to your loved ones without having to go to the shopping center by yourself.