March 29, 2023


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What is in the New MOT Test?

If your vehicle fails its MOT, it will either be categorized dangerous, as well as you will be unable to drive it until it is dealt with, or major, where it may impact on the automobile’s safety, the safety of other road customers, or the atmosphere.

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In the latter situation, the vehicle needs to be repaired ASAP.

Stricter Discharge Control


The vehicle MOT certification has recently had an additional notepad affixed describing the results of a compulsory exhausts test. There are now tighter limits for exhausts from vehicles with diesel particle filters or DPFs. A DPF captures as well as stores exhaust residue to reduce the discharge level from a diesel vehicle. The tester will release a major fault stop working if they see smoke coming from the exhaust or evidence of damaging the filter.

More Extensive Checks


Added items that are now checked for throughout a DVLA MOT check consist of under-inflation of tires, liquid leakages, brake liquid contamination, brake pad alerting lights, headlight washers, turning around lights, and daytime running lights if fitted.

These checks intend to maintain vehicles as safe as possible for vehicle drivers, passengers, pedestrians, as well as various other road individuals; and to assist the safety of our environment.

New Qualification


The look of the MOT certification has been changed to make it easier to understand. Any type of flaws is clearly provided as well as clarified. And, obviously, the MOT is recorded online, so that the cops as well as any type of other companies required to examine if a vehicle has an existing MOT can do so conveniently as well as from another location. You too can perform an MOT check online by clicking the Check My MOT switch at the foot of this web page.

Classic Vehicles Exemption


If a vehicle is over 40 years old and has not been substantially changed, then it won’t need to have an MOT inspection.