March 29, 2023


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What Are The Role Of The Scatter Symbols?

If you know about the scatter symbol, probably you are a slot player. But, do you know what does scatter symbol means? These are symbols providing something based on the right number of them visible on the reels, opposingly to the playline. Scatter symbols are paid based on 3, 4, or 5 of them visible on the reels.

The สล็อต ufa games pay according to lines, starting from left reel to right. However, this doesn’t happen every time. scatter symbols most commonly exist, breaking out the paradigm.

Advantages of scatter symbol

One of the most vital things in gambling is to understand the rules and regulations before betting. It is to make sure that you maximize the advantages of the scatter symbol. With today’s online slot machine, plenty of paylines and interactive animated bonus rounds for the advanced sets of rules on the game.

The scatter symbol has the power to unlock different fun bonus features. The scatter doesn’t need to line up on the payline to win. It needs to show up on the reels to release free spins and mini-games. In the original slot machine, scatter symbols are the cherries.

Scatter symbols will pay out when it appears on the reels, wherever they are aligned. The more scatter symbol you hit, the more win you get.

Most bonus features get activated upon hitting the scatter symbol. Bonus rounds could be anything from free spins to interactive bonus games. Players can also get rewards from two active bonuses.

How does scatter work?

The symbols vary in two ways:

  1. No need to appear on the win line. It usually appears anywhere.      
  2. Wild symbols can’t replace scatter symbols.

The rules of the scatter are not the same as in the other games. So, it is essential to check the pay table before spinning the reels. The scatter symbols are commonly found three or more on the reels. The scatters multiply all the wins and not the line win alone.

There is a scatter icon that is used for initiating a bonus game. So, if you get three scatter on the payline, a feature can be triggered. The features will vary, either free spin or bonus games.

The reward of the scatter symbol varies from slot to slot. Some slot machines don’t have to scatter symbols while plenty do the other machines. The rules of the slot machine indicate whether it has rewards or not.