March 26, 2023


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What are marked glasses, and how to use them?

In this article, we are going to talk about what are marked glasses and how to use them to win.Also, we will discuss why people cheat in poker and gambling games and what is called magic cheating.

Why do people cheat in poker or gambling games?

The answer is very simple as the people who play these kinds of games want just one simple thing that is to win.That is because they have put their money on the line, so they are expecting to win and double the money.Many times due to this, people tend to cheat just to double their earnings.Due to technology, there are more ways in which a person can easily cheat in poker.

They can use things called analyzer, marked cards, and contact lens also they can use marked glasses.Mainly some people who need money to survive are the ones who come to play these games.If they find a match with a high roller, then they surely tend to cheat as they will win big.

Poker is a very serious game, and the casinos are using anti-cheat methods to stop them.They want to maintain the love and support for gambling, so they are stopping these cheaters.Gambling cheating is a serious offence as you are playing with other people’s money.If anyone is caught, they will be fined and also sent to jail for some time.

What is called magic cheating?

This is a term that is used for that kind of cheating which is using new technology.Earlier the marked cards and also the contact lens was called magic cheating.Nowadays, there are things like inferred sunglasses with a lens that can see invisible markings etc.

People use this new kind of technology as it is hard to get detected while cheating.They do this to get a good amount of return on their investment.The magic cheating term was first used in the year 2016 when there was the evolution of technology.

What are marked glasses?

These are also a kind of poker cheating device which is used commonly nowadays.These glasses can be made either in the form of an aviator or any other glasses design.These are also called as marked card glasses, which can see invisible markings on the card very easily.

Eventually, this can also be used to see the invisible markings made by invisible ink or drawing.These glasses were in design in the year 2016 and were released later in 2017.

How to use these glasses to win?

After you have looked at the number, marking on the back of the card all players.You can now select the card which you want to play and also the move which you will make.This will show you not only your cards but also the opponent’s cards.

So you can take all the actions to defeat them. Also, you can forfeit anytime you like.It is always advisable that when you are on a winning streak, you should end the game after s 2 – 3 wins.