June 4, 2023


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Top Four AWS Certifications You Can Choose From

If you are in the cloud computing industry or trying to get a reputable job here, you might have already learned how necessary certifications are. The good thing is there are a number of different certifications and paid courses you can choose from. However, this can often confuse you when it comes to choosing a particular course that suits all your needs aptly. 

If you are in the same boat, this article is a perfect read. Here you will learn about a few of the best cloud certifications there are, especially for AWS certified solutions architect professionals. Amazon offers all of these certifications and is highly revered in the industry. All of them are role-based certifications. 

This means you will get certificates for DevOps engineers, developers, system admins, DBAs, software architects, security experts, big data professionals, data analysts, and network experts. You can choose what kind of certification you want based on your experience and skills. 

Although the list starts with developer certifications but it also includes certain others that are suitable for project managers, beginners database experts, and others. 

  • Aws Certified Developer

Undoubtedly topping this list, if you are a programmer and software developer, you should go for this certification. It is best suited for people who have one year of experience at the very least. They should have a basic understanding of developing as well as maintaining all AWS applications. 

With this, you will learn more about AWS’s core services and their fundamental uses. If you have been a Python or Java developer and want to try your luck in AWS and Cloud computing, this is the best you can get. 

  • Aws Certified Solutions Architect  

Perhaps the most popular AWS certificate, this is also the perfect choice if you already have some experience in this field. It works perfectly for software architects, skilled developers, solution architects, and tech leads. If you are looking to later perform and implement solution architects like deploying and securing web applications, this is the kind of certificate you need. 

Simply put, this is the most effective cloud certification for solution architects and senior developers. There is an AWS Certified Solutions Architect-Associate Exam you need to clear for this certification. In the exam, you will have to answer certain detailed questions in addition to some lab activities. It is very scenario oriented, meaning you will need a deep understanding of the subject and different AWS services. 

  • Aws Certified Cloud Practitioner 

This certification is perfect for beginners. It teaches you all the entry-level knowledge you need to understand the general yet core infrastructure of AWS. Although it does not focus on any precise service, that is always a good thing for beginners. That way, you can then choose any kind of associate certification after completing this course.

If your organisation is already using AWS, this certification is a no-brainer. However, if they are only just planning to do so, this is the first certification you should go for in 2022. To get this certification, you have to clear the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam. You will have to answer a few multi-select and multiple-choice questions in this exam. 

  • AWS-Certified Sysops Administrator

You can get this certification only after the AWS Certified Sysops Administrator-Associate exam has validated your experience and skills that can contribute to it. This is perfect for System Admins, Support professionals, and Linux Admins. 

With this, you can learn a whole lot about deploying, operating scalable, managing, and fault-tolerant systems on AWS. It can also help you choose the right services for any further applications and define costs while controlling the data flow of the AWS account. If you are looking forward to becoming an AWS System Administrator, you should start preparing for this certification. 

These are the four best AWS certifications you can try to gather this year. You can analyse all kinds of data in a much more detailed and understandable fashion. Rest assured, with the right certification, you will learn a lot more about the overall advanced architecting on AWS. If you want to prepare for the course, you can seek help from Trainocate.