February 8, 2023


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Tips For Effective Communication With Your Barber 

You walk into a barbershop, and suddenly all the years of language- surrounded by words, sentences, grammar are futile. You do not know how to communicate with your barber, and that leaves a communication gap between the two of you.

 The barbers at Barbershop in Park Slope are trained well enough to understand what you are trying to convey. But sometimes, it is easier for you to know exactly what you want and convey it to your barber in a simpler way. So here is a guide on how you can effectively communicate your ideas to your barber to get the style you desire

  • Don’t Limit Yourself To Words

Explaining a hairstyle in words can be difficult, and it may be even more difficult for the barber to understand it. So, if you find a haircut that clicks, save that image, take a cut-out, or bookmark it- do what you want but remember to show your barber the image of the hairstyle you desire!

  • Trust Your Barber

You may come with the perception of a particular hairstyle in mind. But remember, not all hair is the same- the same hairstyle that looks fabulous on you may look ridiculous on another person of a different hair type and vice-versa. This is why you need to understand if your barber at the Barbershop in Park Slope suggests you are against a particular hairstyle.

  • Refrain From Using Jargon (Unless You Are Sure)

You may be tempted to use a technical hair style-related term that you read or heard somewhere. But it would help if you refrained from using such terms to describe your haircut unless you are sure. Most haircuts are a combination, and many times may be individual differences while interpreting the Jargon.

  • Forget The Previous Settings

You may feel that describing the exact razor setting as you used to get will give you identical results- but this is a myth. The truth is that no two razors are the same and no two hands. So, try to communicate by describing the style and not the technicalities.  

These are some basic tips that you can follow while paying a visit to the Barbershop in Park Slope to get the best experience that you desire. No doubt communication is the key, and you are the one who can make sure to get the kind of look you are looking for.

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