March 29, 2023


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Tips and Strategies to Win Connect 4

Connect 4 is a paper game developed by Hasbro some decades ago. Now, it is among the most popular puzzle games in the world. To win as often as possible you need to set up an effective strategy, develop a tactic, modify them if needed, anticipate the consequences of your moves and those of your opponent.

The Basis of Connect 4

Connect 4 may seem simplistic at first, but it is possible to predict, without the aid of a computer, a large number of moves in advance in order to win the game. The basic principle is to place the tokens preferably in the central column. Any chip in it can form a large number of lines in various lengthwise directions, and at the same time remove this possibility from the opponent. If you want to play Connect 4 online, you can go to

How to Win Connect 4?

The simplest technique is to form a double winning line: two lines that are missing a disc in the same column to form a row of 4, and therefore these two missing tokens are one above the other. A basic trap of the same style is to make a row of 3 horizontally on the first row with a free column at both ends. Another strategy that must be mastered g is to block columns in the sense that if the opponent puts a token in them, you win. You win because either you form a line of 4 on the next move, or you form a double line which allows you to win quickly. Visit to know more.

More advanced players will think about the parity (even or odd) of the row of the missing disc to make a row of 4. Each column has an even number of discs. Thus, it is possible to force, under certain conditions. For example, if your winning line is on the first column 1 and on an odd line, and all the other columns are even, which is equivalent to having played an even number of tokens and not having started the game, then the player will fill in the other columns. Suppose that you prevent your opponent from making a winning line in these other columns, other than the one we are interested in, then they will eventually have to play in column 1, and not you. In a nutshell, if you start and force to play in a specific column, then your discs will be on odd lines. So, try to make lines of 3 with the missing token on an odd line.