Things to know before buying horse riding boots

Things to know before buying horse riding boots

If you had a chance to speak with horse owners in England, they would always tell you to treat boots as your friend. In the meantime, an experienced horse rider will suggest you own the horse riding boots rather than purchasing them.

Now, when it comes to selecting a suitable pair of boots, most of us get confused and purchase the wrong one. After which, the only thing remaining is regression and nothing else.

Notice how easy it is for us to speak about buying quality boots, but when it’s the time for purchase, everybody went crazy after looking at a huge variety of horse riding boots.

If you are one of them, then don’t panic. We are here to help you out to overcome this issue. You need a proper list of reasons to buy boots. Here it is, the list of criteria’s you must know before buying horse riding boots

  • Size

When it comes to clothing and footwear, we all give importance to size. Above all, if you have footwear that never fits your feet, then you probably know the disgusting experience of wearing them.

The point is not about perfect fitting. It’s about the variety of boots you can get according to your size. Yes, many manufacturers are known for a specific size range.

First thing every horse rider must look for is the size of their feet. If you are lucky enough, then there are chances that you can get a good quality of horse riding boots according to your feet size. Moreover, perfect sized boots give extra comfort while wearing them. So, keep an eye on size!

  • Types 

Frankly speaking, they are more than hundreds of varieties in horse riding boots. But only a few will be favourable according to your needs. And of course, all the different category has a unique feature, advantage and application.

Although, some favourite choices of professional riders are tall boots, paddocks and size zipper boots. Perhaps, you must try out wearing all the boots and determine the best type according to your preference and priority.

  • Not to go for the Cheapest options 

The market is full of economic friendly products which are available at a surprisingly cheap rate. But here are the twists. They are never built for rough and tough riders who always talk to speed while riding.

If you are one of these riders, they consider buying a cheap one. And yes, there are many reasons for it. Apart from getting a poor-quality boot at a low price, there is a strong chance that the footwear is not made for adverse conditions.

Unlike the branded one’s, these shoes never undergo final quality checks. This means that the company does not assure if the product has the required durability or not. One splash of muddy water and your boots are destroyed within seconds.

If somebody is offering you riding boots at a considerably low price, he or she might not reveal the product quality publicly.

So, looking for cheap ones is not a good idea in this case.