June 4, 2023


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The Distinction between Accounting And Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping and accounting systems must be put in place by every firm in order to produce its financial records at the conclusion of each fiscal year or quarter. Accounting and bookkeeping may help firms assess their entire worth and make strategic decisions regarding their future.

Bookkeeping and accounting are often referred to be one and the same. Despite the fact that accounting and bookkeeping are intricately interwoven, there is a narrow line to tread. As part of accounting, bookkeeping falls under the umbrella of the larger discipline.

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Every financial transaction in an organization’s original books of entry is preserved and documented via the practice of bookkeeping. The term “keeping the books” is also used. The process of keeping correct books necessitates the compilation and organization of a chronological and systematic overview of all financial transactions of the firm.

  • When it comes to financial reporting, it’s crucial that the books of account remain current.
  • The accuracy of a company’s bookkeeping has a direct correlation to the precision of its accounting procedure.


Accounting is the study of a company’s financial transactions and the subsequent evaluation, summarization, and reporting of those findings. Accounting’s financial statements provide a detailed record of all of the transactions that took place over a certain time. It’s easy to see how a business is doing financially by looking at these statements.

A company’s financial data is organised in an accounting system so that it is accessible to all of the company’s stakeholders. Because of this, organisations may more easily maintain accurate and up-to-date financial records.

To keep track of a company’s day-to-day operations, the accountant is in charge of creating financial statements such the income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement. Financial statements may be used by all of a company’s stakeholders to better properly assess the company’s performance. Here is the Different between Bookkeeping And Accounting you need the right choices.

Accountancy and Bookkeeping are not the same thing

A few important differences between bookkeeping and accounting include the following:

  • Maintaining Records One of the most important components of accounting is to keep accurate records.
  • Only a small portion of the whole accounting process is devoted to bookkeeping.
  • When the bookkeeping process is complete, input for accounting is provided.
  • Keeping a record of all financial processes and transactions in chronological order is the goal of bookkeeping.
  • The goal of keeping complete and accurate financial records is to provide a comprehensive picture of a company’s financial activities over a certain period of time.
  • The person tasked with keeping the company’s financial records is known as a bookkeeper.
  • Clerical labour is at the heart of accounting, which is why it’s so important. Employees in the field of bookkeeping are not required to have any specific training or skill.
  • Financial statements are not part of the accounting process.
  • Maintaining the books is done in accordance with the accounting rules and standards that are in place.


Accounting relies on the data provided by bookkeeping to provide financial reports and forecasts.Unlike bookkeeping, accounting covers a larger variety of operations than bookkeeping.As a consequence of accounting, better informed decisions and judgments may be made because of the creation of financial statements. Two of accounting’s primary objectives are to generate a financial health report for a firm and to gather information about its day-to-day activities.