Online Organic Meat Sellers – Are the Services Worth it? 

Online Organic Meat Sellers – Are the Services Worth it? 

Going out to the market to buy meat again and again can be very tiresome and time consuming. Besides, who knows what the animals were fed on? Hence, it’s better to buy products from reputable online sellers where you can trace the animal to its origin. Also, genuine sellers of high-quality meat source their products from organic farms only. It means the farmers never used any sort of growth hormone to raise the animals. In this guide, we will be taking you through the many reasons why buying meat from online sellers like Papa Earth is the best decision. Dive in! 

They Bring Products from Certified Farms 

Did you know that Papa Earth sources its meat products from farms that are certified by the Animal Welfare Association? When a farm is provided with this certification, it means the following things. 

  1. The livestock is fed on fresh grass that’s free of insecticides and pesticides. 
  2. The livestock is not injected with growth hormones to make them reach maturity faster than they should. 
  3. The livestock is allowed to freely roam on the farm and live a natural stress-free life. 

They are Certified Themselves

The meat that they source, Angus meat for instance, goes through at least 10 stages of testing before it is certified as AAA by the food authority of Canada. That’s the kind of quality we’re talking about. Every meat product that they supply is first tested at their packaging facility for freshness. 

They offer Home Delivery Services 

That’s the beauty of ordering from online sellers like Papa Earth. The Papa Earth meat delivery services ensure that your items are delivered to your doorsteps. And, let’s not forget about the quality of packaging they offer. 

Meat products are vacuum-sealed in BPA packets. It can keep your meat fresh for weeks. Besides, defrosting has never been easier. It takes a maximum of 30 minutes to defrost the packet of meat. 

They Offer a Staggering Variety 

No matter if you love beef, chicken, seafood, pork, wild salmon, or turkey, they offer everything. Some of the best meat products they offer include Beef Heart, Pork Back Ribs, Ground beef and Ground pork, and Ontario Lamb Burgers. These are but a few options. The real variety can be explored on their website.

They also offer a bonus option to their customers. You can create your own meal boxe instead of buying the pre-selected options from their website. All in all, certified sellers make meat buying easy and safe.