March 26, 2023


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Know More About Melsec Iq-R Series & Its Components

Have you ever heard about Programmable Logic Controller? Melsec Series is one of its kind of advanced Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) series. It offers an advanced and effective future for the control system. With enhanced integrated solutions, the expectations, as well as demands, will be fulfilled. The Melsec Series Control systems are still upgrading and, implementing with the wide line-up of network systems as well as PLC. Melsec Iq R is one among various types of Melsec Series.

Let’s have a Look at Types of Melsec Control Series

  • Melsec iQ-R Series
  • Melsec iQ-F Series
  • Melsec-Q Series
  • Melsec-L Series
  • Melsec-F Series
  • Melsec-QS/WS Series

A Brief Explanation of Melsec iQ R Series!

The competition in the market is very high and, Melsec iQ-R Series is the main core for the next generation automated industry. The next level automated system will ensure consistency as well as very high product quality and productivity in an open market. This Melsec series can resolve any problems with the 3-R approach methods. The 3-R approach method includes an increase in reliability, re-use of old/existing products, and also a reduction in TCO.

Several Useful Components of iQ-R Melsec Series

Its important components consist of System Recorder, System Configuration, Central Processing Unit (CPU), Input & Output (I/O) Modules, Channel isolated pulse input, Analog Module, Line-up & Network Module, Motion Positioning, High-Speed counter, and more.

Why You Need iQ-R Series of Melsec?

It offers numerous benefits or advantages after installation. Let’s see the major reasons that can lure you to integrate this outstanding PLC Controller.

1.     Integrated & Enhanced Security

This salient feature of the Melsec iQ-R series is used to protect the intellectual property and plant. And, it restricts the networks with control in IP filtration which leads to lowering in the risk of hacking and denial in third-party access which tries to authorize.

2.     High Speed & Heavy Synchronization

The next level and advanced control system i.e., Melsec iq r is known for its high speed. The communication or data synchronization speed between two or more CPUs is ultra. It helps in boosting or improving the accuracy, performance, and high-speed motion of the control system.

3.     Internal Database

After the installation of the internal database in the internal memory, helps in the selection of commands. This feature allows users to delete, change, add, and record for simple function utilizations. In this feature, the use of spread sheets makes export as well as import very easy.