How To Improve Your Website Speed?

How To Improve Your Website Speed?


Modern implementation of digital marketing is dependant preciously on the uptime and the low waiting time regarding the response to customers’ query and demand. Website speed is the first impression which helps to create brand reliability. Big names like Amazon and Flipkart along with brands like Alibaba have taken the issue of the website speed from the very initial day of business.

Website speed optimization to speed up the business website

High conversion should be maintained in the content marketing agency
as a 1sec delay is equivalent to a 7 per cent reduction in conversion rate. Maintaining the conversion rate is important as it helps to determine the customer choice over your products. Visibility and Usability should also be maintained by a professional website handler in order to maintain integrity through digital marketing.

Use of Content Delivery Network

CDN is one of the crucial things to maintain in order to upgrade the website speed as it helps to deliver personalised content according to the culture, custom and demand of the different regional customers. Quicker and faster content can be delivered by the nearest website host or server using the CDN facility. 

Having a better host

Virtual private server and dedicated servers are the important facts to measure in order to maintain the speed of your business website. A fast and secured host server from reputed providers like WeHaveServers is the primary need of any digital business to work both in domestic and global sphere.

Other factors to measure in order to speed up the website and the business accounts are minimising the CSS file and JavaScripts in the website, using Gzip compression to reduce the file sizes, Database optimisation by implementing the CSM system. DNS Prefetching and Link Prefetching are the two modern attributes that you have to maintain to improve the speed of your business website.