September 21, 2023


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How to choose between industrial architects? Find here!

Commercial building, retail space, data centers, distribution and logistics units, offices – no matter the kind of project you have at hand, finding the right industrial architect is critical. Industrial architecture is not merely different, but also more complex. In Montreal, firms like Stendel Reich industrial architects have worked on a variety of projects. Of course, not all practices have that kind of experience. In this post, we are sharing more on how to choose between firms for your industrial project. 

  1. Review their profile. When it comes to comparing a bunch of industrial architectural firms, you have to let their work do the convincing. Check the portfolio of the company, don’t shy away from asking relevant questions, and find out if they have done projects similar to yours. 
  2. Check their communication. Finding industrial architects is not hard, thanks to Google, but how a company approaches the job is critical. Allow them to explain their profile and why they are best suited for the project. They should be able to offer an insight into how they manage projects, and if they can actually assign their teams and resources for your needs. 
  3. Collaboration matters. Industrial projects involve huge budgets, often have a bunch of inherent challenges, and some of the roadblocks are always expected. Collaboration is absolutely critical between the client and architectural practice, because you cannot really micromanage everything. Allow the architects to come up with their own opinions, ideas, and keep room for discussing things further. This bis the precise reason why approach to the job is so important. 
  4. Aligning expertise. It is absolutely necessary to ensure that the expertise of the architectural practice aligns with your project needs. For instance, some firms have only worked in selected industries, and while they may have a team of capable architects, they may not be experienced in your niche. Taking chances is never a bad idea for sure, but make sure that the team is capable of delivering. 
  5. The team. Choosing between different firms would be easy if you check the individual work profile of their architects. Ask them about the team that’s likely to manage your project, and check how much experience they have between themselves and what they have achieved together. 

Don’t shy away from asking the tough questions, and get references. If needed, go with their architects to check some of their sites to know the level of work they have done.