March 26, 2023


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Google Ads: An Affordable Marketing Solution 

The main objective of any advertisement is of having a bigger market reach. Nowadays businesses are in a continuous search of marketing mechanisms that will help them to reach their target market affordably. But with affordability, they also strive for a bigger reach as already mentioned. One of the best methods that fulfill both of these marketing goals is Google ads (ลงโฆษณา Google, which is the term in Thai). 

Google is a tech giant that has got its presence in everyone’s life in one way or the other. There is hardly anyone on this planet who wouldn’t have heard the name google. It has got the best technological products and services in the world.  

Why Google Ads? 

Any business worth its salt recognizes the fact that it is very important to research your target market before designing your marketing campaign. The best way to identify your target market is to look at their taste and preferences. Google advertising also does the same thing. When you buy a banner to showcase your advertisement on the Google platforms, google shows ads to the people according to their taste and preferences. 

What the product is and how you have designed your product’s advertising campaign are two very crucial factors that will help you to get your target market. Google ads also work similarly. They analyze your ad and display these ads to people who have similar tastes and preferences. 

Important Point

The core of any advertisement is content. When you create an advertisement with great graphics and average content then it is bound to fail. But if you create an advertisement with average graphics but great content then it is bound to succeed. The same principle should be kept in mind while designing the banner for your Google ads as well. It is very important to research your target market before creating your campaign. 


There is no match to Google on the planet. The kind of product and services that this company provides to the market is the best that there can ever be. When you advertise using Google ads, one of the inherent advantages is that you create a sense of trust among your target market. People trust Google with everything, right from their grocery needs to insurance policies thus you can understand how big this platform is for the objective of marketing. Anything you make or deliver can be advertised using this phenomenal advertising mechanism.