March 26, 2023


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Fun Things to Do in the UK for Food Lovers

Sharing food with someone special can be an amazing experience, or even enjoying a delectable meal alone can provide you great comfort and satisfaction. You might also find a lot of joy when you’re experimenting in the kitchen yourself, trying to find the perfect combination for a new recipe or the perfect blend of spirits and mixers for a new refreshing cocktail. If any of this sounds familiar to you, then you might consider yourself to be a big foodie – and if you are looking for something to do at the weekend with friends or solo, here are some suggestions for food lovers who live in or are visiting the UK.

Take a Vineyard or Brewery Tour

There are a few great vineyards and plenty of excellent craft breweries dotted around the UK, so if you do enjoy pairing your meals with rich reds, crisp whites, or some flavourful ales and lagers, this could be a great experience for you. A lot of these establishments also serve food on-site, so you can enjoy a fantastic meal at the end of your tour, too. Prefer spirits? Consider booking in for a tour of one of the UK’s top distilleries instead. You can even pick up some goodies to take home with you, too.

Dine at Some of the country’s Oldest Restaurants

If a restaurant serves up excellent food and provides incredible service, it can expect to keep its doors open for a long time, especially if it manages to win itself some prestigious awards. However, not all restaurants will survive across centuries, and if you’re a food lover who also happens to have an interest in history, perhaps visiting some of the oldest restaurants in the UK could be on the cards. While the menus might have changed quite a bit since they first opened their doors, no doubt the food will still be amazing, and you can get lost thinking about all of the people that have sat in these dining rooms throughout history.

Spend the Day at a Food Market

There are also plenty of brilliant food markets dotted around the UK, and you may already be familiar with some of them if you live nearby. Spending a day sampling the food can give your tastebuds a rich experience while also offering some inspiration to try something new in the kitchen. You could even treat yourself to a few tasty treats to take home, whether that is a box of brownies to save for later or some specially infused oils or spices to cook with. 

Enjoy Some Fish and Chips by the Seaside

A chippy tea is a fond favorite of the British public, so even if you are a visitor from overseas, you should certainly give this a try while you’re in the UK! Take a trip to visit some of the best fish and chip shops in the country for the ultimate experience, and if the weather isn’t too bad, why not sit outside and take in the sea breeze while you eat? It’s the perfect end to a day at the beach.

If you are a UK-based food lover or you’re a tourist who wants to sample some of the best food goodies Britain has to offer, consider these suggestions for things to do when you have some free time.