September 22, 2023


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Five Cheapest Places to Buy Property in Ireland

Ireland is currently seated in second place on the list of most expensive countries in Western Europe, with a cost of living higher than that of 95% of countries in the world. Although the Emerald Isle certainly isn’t known for being the cheapest country to live with a national mean house price at €297,043, there are plenty of properties for affordable prices much lower than the average scattered throughout the Land of Saints and Scholars.

For the last few years, these areas have been the top five cheapest places to buy property quickly  (by mean average in 2020) in Ireland:

  1. Longford (123,832)

Settled in between Leitrim and Roscommon you’ll find the county of Longford, home to some of the most remote yet scenic landscapes in Ireland. With the bargain costs come the pitfalls of rural living: scarce public transport, long commutes to larger cities, and absence of employment opportunities.

On the plus side, you’ll get more for your money in Longford, one of the safest places to live in Ireland. Large country houses are significantly cheaper than a tiny townhouse in Dublin, mostly due to the rural location being just slightly too far for commuters.

  1. Leitrim (127,028)

Often referred to as one of the most underrated and overlooked counties in Ireland, Leitrim has also held the title of the most underpopulated county in the country for years. The residential market has kept reasonably low prices due to remote living and lack of high-speed internet, along with consistent eastbound and international emigration.

Things are on the rise for this idyllic county, however, thanks to the pandemic forcing many people to work from home and increasing the demand for speedier broadband. For anyone seeking to escape the hustle and bustle of cities without completely losing touch with major towns, Leitrim is an ideal place to call home; a nature lover’s haven centrally located with capital cities of both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland just two hours away.

  1. Roscommon (129,472)

With extraordinarily little industry to draw people in and houses selling for about 25% less than their building prices, median property prices are low in Roscommon. The landlocked region is home to the cheapest Eircode in Ireland, found in Castlereagh, where the mean price is a low €90,018.

Despite prices rising in Roscommon with people flocking to rural areas during the pandemic, buyers searching for affordable properties will find some hidden treasures here. With Dublin just 1.5 hours away, Roscommon is a desirable spot, plentiful with detached properties.

  1. Donegal (€146,128)

Situated at the northern tip of Ireland is County Donegal, where the lowest average property values can be found in the town of Bundoran. Offering a significantly more affordable, laid-back lifestyle than that of the country’s bustling cities, Ireland’s “forgotten county” is well-situated for anyone seeking rolling countryside and a bounty of beaches.

The biggest factor contributing to its low house costs: remoteness. Many people claim if you’re planning on making the move up north, a car is essential to get around. In spite of seeming far away from the rest of Ireland, Donegal shares a border with Northern Ireland and is popular for surfers, holidaymakers, and commuters or anyone looking for close connections to the UK.

  1. Mayo (152,413)

Ireland’s region with the longest coastline and lowest crime rate is Mayo, a county where property prices vary tremendously across the map. You could find a place for as low as €25,000 or as high as €1.5 million, while the average house price here is €100k cheaper than the Irish equivalent.

The cost of real estate has been gradually increasing here and is predicted to continue to do so, thanks to people looking for places with potential for home offices but also due to the average commute time of just 23 minutes attracting property buyers here.