March 30, 2023


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Between Backlinks and Content Which Will Be Better for Your Website?

You must be debating whether to prioritize backlinks or content creation. Let us investigate which is more significant.

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Go with Content

If you ask us to select between creating your content and building your backlinks, we will recommend going with content because of the following 4 reasons:

Content is meant for your users

For SEO only, backlinks are used. The purpose of content is to entice consumers to interact with your website, generate impressions for advertising space, purchase your goods, and complete lead forms. Without any content, a website has no incentive to source you.

The sole exception is if you are the first individual or business to offer a certain product or service. At that time, rather than backlinks through link building, which is probably huge media and organic publicity.

It is also important to note that, unless you happen to be the manufacturer, backlinks to products and category pages are artificial and do not naturally emerge.Busy Fox will however help you to earn quality backlinks.

Content is why other people link

The user needs a cause to “naturally” link to your website, which is our second justification for choosing content over backlinks.

You have established a compelling incentive for someone for linking to you by offering useful resources, relevant data, instructions on how to do a task, or just a fun game or quiz.The content establishes the purpose of the link and contributes to everything seeming natural.

Content defines your page’s topic

Thirdly, even if backlinks don’t necessarily define what is present on the page when they are keyword-rich, they do provide a hint as to what might be there. Content, however, by using the following definesthe topic of the page:

  • Header tags
  • Internal links
  • Title tags
  • Schema

However, you should prefer to have a mixture of the backlink types including:

  • Keyword-rich, citation, and branded links
  • Sponsored, do-follow, no-follow, UGC, etc.
  • News/media
  • Comments
  • Blogs and content producers
  • Freebies from different forums and communities
  • Directories
  • Various local guides
  • Industry resource sections.

We do not advise constructing and concentrating on either one or the other. However, if your mixture does not look natural, you can experience a devaluation or even manual action.

Content can help with your site structure

The fourth argument is that by utilizing internal linking, the material can aid in the development of site architecture and structure. Unlike rank sculpting is done exclusively for SEO, this is different.

You are attempting to direct consumers to resources and purchasing possibilities from practical information, such as comparison guides, by creating a natural internal linking structure.

That makes it easier for both website users and search engine spiders to naturally find the most crucial pages and subjects on your website.


Better for your website is content. Backlinks are crucial and do improve your ranking. However, content drives visitors from referrals, PPC, SEO, and media coverage. Registering your business details in an Australian Directory BLEEN can also help on your website search engine optimization efforts.