Acquired a Road Construction and Repair Contract? Then, Here’s How You Should Proceed

Acquired a Road Construction and Repair Contract? Then, Here’s How You Should Proceed

Your first concern as a construction company should be the safety of your workers. If you look at the stats, some of the most serious road accidents occur at unmonitored, unassisted, and under-guarded construction sites. Besides, it’s quite bad for your reputation as well. If you’re someone who doesn’t follow the road safety guidelines and protocols, you’ll not just end up tarnishing your reputation, but it will also drastically reduce your chances of securing construction contracts in the future. Hence, for the sake of your business and for sake of precious lives, you must adopt and implement different road safety services and strategies offered by Capital Traffic Management Solutions.

The list of some such important services and solutions is compiled below. Have a look and read through until the very end. 

  1. The Traffic Diversion Service 

This is the first solution to minimize the chances of an accident. 

A highly experienced road traffic controller will be sent to the construction site. It will be the work of this controller to reroute the oncoming vehicles away from the lane where the construction is under pr. 

  1. Installing Road Signs

Did you know that a flashy and clear sign board that can be detected from a distance helps drivers to automatically realize that there’s construction ahead and perceive that the lane will be closed? These are, thus, some of the best road safety devices that you must install. The ones that come in very handy include the following. 

  • Reflective traffic cones for traffic management at night. 
  • Road studs and traffic sign board.
  • Barrier gates and road bollards. 
  • Delineators
  1. Site Inspection and Traffic Management Services

Project managers visit the site of construction. The purposes that these people serve include:

  • Inspecting how busy the roads are and if the safety sign boards are big enough to grab the attention of drivers. 
  • Inspecting that all the road barriers and Delineators are in correct alignment to properly isolate and close the construction lane from the one that’s open for vehicle movement. 
  • Offering inputs and ideas to increase safety.

Other than these services, elite companies also supply Truck Mounted attenuator trucks on rent so that you don’t have to buy these expensive devices on your own. It will largely save you a lot of money while having the surety that the quality of the devices is top notch. 

You can also contact Capital Traffic via their website for any further query that you might be having regarding their services and pricing policies.