September 22, 2023


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9 Tips on Mountain Biking for Beginners

Embarking on a new venture is an exciting way to spend time engaging in fun activities. New hobbies are also a terrific way to meet new people and see new places. Mountain biking provides all of those opportunities plus it provides physical exercise in the great outdoors.

Here are nine tips for beginning mountain bikers to get you ready for your exciting adventure!

1. Selecting Trails

One of the first considerations for a beginner’s successful and enjoyable mountain biking experience is in the selection of trails. Riding on trails that are located near where you live is one of the best ways to start. You can ride on trails that are better suited for newer riders and start with rides that are shorter in duration. Explore trails Outside Walla Walla!

2. Riding with Friends

Riding with others, especially if they are experienced mountain bikers, is a super way to learn techniques. Your friends can demonstrate how to brake, take corners, and more, that will speed up how quickly you learn the ins and outs of mountain biking.

3. Protective Equipment

Even experienced mountain bikers wear protective gear. Helmets, elbow protection, and knee pads are essential for a safe ride. All trails will have rocks and tree roots that can cause you to bump and bounce on and possibly off your bike.

4. The Bike

Of course, you can’t ride without a bike. For beginners selecting the perfect bike can be overwhelming. As you’re learning more about the sport and types of trails that you enjoy, borrowing or renting a bike lets you try out different styles of bikes.

5. Go Easy

The allure of speeding down hills and jumping your bike over fallen logs might be what has you interested in mountain biking. But it’s better to start slow and build up speed as you develop your skills as a mountain biker.

6. Techniques

Experienced and talented bikers make riding look easy. This is partly because skilled mountain bikers have learned the different techniques on how to best handle their bike and the terrain. Knowing when to stand up, how to maneuver a sharp turn, and applying pressure to your brakes all have subtleties to learn to make your biking experiences more thrilling.

7. Rules of the Trails

Mountain biking trails are often multi-use pathways. You might be sharing with runners, hikers, and walkers in addition to other bikers. Follow the expected etiquette on the trails to keep you and others safe. Be sure to leave the trails as you found them; take any trash with you.

8. Practice

As with all new hobbies, the more you do it, the better you become. Mountain biking is the same. Start out on less challenging trails until you gain confidence and experience. Then move on more difficult trails. Practice your riding techniques each time you’re on the trails.

9. Have Fun!

The exhilaration of riding makes mountain biking such a fun activity. Each time you have the opportunity to ride, enjoy the experience!