March 29, 2023


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5 Unique Museums in Jakarta to Visit

The museum holds many things that will take you back in time. With objects from the past, the museum tells of events that we have never experienced. Each region has its history, Jakarta is no exception.

As the capital city, Jakarta is a crucial witness to the founding of the Indonesian state. Not only that, because it is the center of government and state, many rare objects are kept in national museums. Therefore, you will find many museums when visiting the city of Jakarta. If you are interested in stopping by a museum in Jakarta, you can visit some of the museum references below.

  • National Museum of Indonesia

The National Museum of Indonesia is also often referred to as the Elephant Museum. This museum is located at Jalan Medan Merdeka Barat No. 12, Gambir, Central Jakarta. The Elephant Museum is the first and largest museum in Southeast Asia. The Dutch government founded this building in 1778. Here, you can find many ancient objects from all over the archipelago.

The objects on display in this museum include statues, inscriptions, handicrafts, ethnography, bronze, prehistory, ceramics, textiles, numismatics, and rare books. If you come here, don’t miss collecting the oldest Buddhist and Hindu statues stored in the Bronze Room and the Stone Statue. You should note that the Elephant Museum is closed on Mondays. Every day, the Elephant Museum is open from 8 am to 4 pm.

  • Jakarta History Museum (Fatahillah)

If you are traveling to the Old City area, don’t forget to stop by the Jakarta History Museum or Fatahillah Museum. In addition to admiring the beauty of colonial era architecture, here you can also learn about the nation’s history. This museum is located right on Jalan Taman Fatahillah No. 1, Kota Tua, Pinangsia, Tamansari, City of West Jakarta. Fatahillah Museum was once the Batavia City Hall which was built in 1707. There are several rooms inside, some of which functioned as offices, courts, and even a dungeon for prisons.

Now, the old, still sturdy building is a place for storing relics of the past and the results of archaeological excavations in Jakarta. Interesting activities you can do when you come here are participating in sketch workshops and other museum activities. For those of you who want to visit, the book museum starts from 8 am to 5 pm.

  • Basoeki Abdullah Museum

Basoeki Abdullah Museum is located at Jalan Financial Raya No.19, Cilandak, South Jakarta. Basoeki Abdullah is a realist and naturalist painter from Indonesia who is very well known throughout the world. The museum was Basoeki Abdullah’s house which was later renovated after his tragic death in 1993.

In this museum, you can not only see paintings, several other works of art such as statues, masks, puppets, weapons, and books from Basoeki Abdullah’s collection, you can find them there. The museum’s operating hours are from 8 am to 4 pm.

  • Taman Prasasti Museum

Taman Prasasti Museum is located at Jalan Tanah Abang I No.1, Gambir, Central Jakarta. Taman Inscription is also known as a cultural heritage museum. This is because there are so many relics of the Dutch colonial period, such as ancient tomb inscriptions, collections of antique hearses, and miniature tombs typical of 27 provinces in Indonesia.

Taman Prasasti has an area of ​​​​about 1.2 hectares. Every corner of the museum is decorated with extraordinary works of art. Showing off the beauty of the skills of sculptors, sculptors, calligraphers, and writers. The sculptures and sculptures there produce early 19th century masterpieces.

In addition, there are more than 1300 tombs there, including inscriptions belonging to well-known Indonesian activists, namely Soe Hok Gie and captain Jas. The museum is open from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

  • Museum of Fine Arts and Ceramics

The Museum of Fine Arts and Ceramics is also in the Old Town neighborhood. This building is so majestic and sturdy with a typical colonial neoclassical architectural style. Built in 1870, this museum was formerly used as the Office of the Dutch Judiciary Council.

As the name implies, this museum stores various local ceramics from various regions in the country. In fact, there are ceramics made since the era of the Majapahit Kingdom. In addition, this museum has a collection of local ceramics from other countries. In addition, there is also a collection of fine arts, one of which is the rarest of the Totem Asmat statues. The Museum of Fine Arts and Ceramics is located on Jl. Pos Kota, RT.9/RW.7, Kota Tua, Pinangsia, Tamansari, West Jakarta City from 8 am to 5 pm.

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