March 26, 2023


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3 Reasons Why City Dwellers Need a Scooter

If you live in London, Edinburgh, Belfast, Bristol, or in any of the several other traffic congested cities in the UK, then this post is for you. There are more reasons to buy a scooter than just avoiding traffic jams of course, but it’s by far the most common reason why people in the city prefer them so much. Stay with us as we go through some of those reasons, starting with the main one.

Scooters Help in Cutting Down Commute Time

Scooters are certainly not the fastest vehicles on a city road, and yet they can help you reach your destination much faster than any sports car in the world during office hours in a major city. Nothing about riding your way comfortably between two vehicles during a traffic jam is illegal!

Perhaps most importantly, scooters are now allowed to take the bus lane on almost any red route, at any hour of the day or night since September, 2020. A few bus lanes still do not remain accessible 24×7 like the rest, so always be on the lookout for that blue sign. When applicable, you will find the active hours and the vehicle types allowed on those blue signs.

Scooters are Significantly More Energy Efficient

Whether you buy a powerhouse like the Suzuki Burgman 400 or something as affordable and street ready as the Piaggio 1, rest assured that you will be saving money and energy on each ride. Scooters are significantly more electricity and/or fuel efficient than the greenest car around. Even the most powerful scooters don’t consume nearly as much energy as cars or motorcycles because they don’t have power hungry engines inside.

If you are concerned about the comparative power output of your ride, then you are probably not riding regularly in a major city. Scooters are not meant to be the most powerful or the fastest vehicle on any road, but they are designed to be the most practical, affordable, fuel-efficient, and manoeuvrable two wheelers that will actually get you home faster on even the most congested roads. Visit BMG scooters and browse through their long list of both new and used scooters in every category and price range to shortlist your options.

Parking is a Breeze

Free parking may sound too good to be true to someone who is not used to riding an electric scooter, but there is some allowance for it. Parking for e-scooters can either be completely free, or it may cost a fraction of what it would cost you to park a car or any other two-wheeler.

The actual rules will vary, depending on the concerned jurisdiction, so be careful and check for the applicable rules in your location first. For example, parking e-scooters on the pavement is both legal and free in some locations, while it’s not in others.

Scooters, like all other two wheelers, have their shortcomings too, which mostly become evident during extreme weather conditions. On regular days though, these nifty two-wheelers are hard to beat in terms of price-to-performance ratio and practical useability on a busy city road.