September 22, 2023


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When Will Supernatural Season 14 Be On Netflix

when will supernatural season 14 be on netflix


If you’re a die-hard fan of the Winchester brothers and their supernatural escapades, the question, “When will Supernatural Season 14 be on Netflix?” has probably crossed your mind more than once. The series, which has captured the hearts of millions, is known for its thrilling plots and memorable characters. The anticipation for its availability on Netflix is quite high. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into every facet concerning Supernatural Season 14’s Netflix release, its existing platform presence, and what you should expect when it finally drops.

Supernatural Season 14: A Brief Overview

Before we get into the Netflix details, let’s do a quick recap of Season 14. It’s a season packed with emotional twists, new lore, and unforgettable episodes. After the apocalypse scenario in Season 13, Supernatural Season 14 brings in new dimensions to the storyline. The overarching theme involves the possession of Dean by the archangel Michael.

When Can You Expect Supernatural Season 14 on Netflix?

The availability of Supernatural Season 14 on Netflix is usually linked to its broadcast schedule on The CW. Traditionally, Netflix uploads new seasons about a week after the season finale airs on television. So, for fans anxiously waiting to binge-watch, keeping an eye on The CW’s airing schedule can offer some clues.

Why the Netflix Delay?

The delay in making Supernatural Season 14 available on Netflix is often a result of licensing agreements and distribution rights. There is often a stipulated “waiting period” after a season ends before it can appear on streaming platforms.

Other Viewing Alternatives

While you wait for Season 14 to land on Netflix, there are other platforms where episodes might be available. Amazon Prime, Vudu, and The CW’s own app are some alternative streaming options, though they may require additional purchase or a subscription.

What To Expect Once It’s On Netflix

Supernatural’s loyal fanbase can expect all episodes to be available at once, making it perfect for a weekend binge. Bonus features like cast interviews or behind-the-scenes footage are, however, usually exclusive to DVD releases and won’t be available on Netflix.


  1. When did Supernatural Season 14 originally air?

    • Season 14 originally aired from October 2018 to April 2019.
  2. Will Supernatural Season 14 be available globally on Netflix?

    • This largely depends on regional licensing agreements. It may be available in some countries sooner than others.
  3. How many episodes are in Supernatural Season 14?

    • Season 14 consists of 20 episodes.
  4. Can I watch Supernatural Season 14 on other platforms?

    • Yes, other platforms like Amazon Prime and Vudu offer episodes, often on a pay-per-episode basis.


The excitement for Supernatural Season 14 coming to Netflix is palpable, but the delay is typically due to formalities like licensing agreements. Once it does become available, rest assured that a binge-worthy experience awaits you. Keep an eye on The CW’s airing schedule for hints on when you can expect this thrilling season to land on Netflix.