March 26, 2023


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Thing to Know about Drone Wedding Photography

Today, drones are increasingly used at weddings. There are a few factors that you still need to know before you follow this trend and be sure you are doing it right. The advantages of a wedding footage from the sky are numerous and the idea appealing. Here are the questions to ask about this type of device which is not so easy to handle.

Should You Hire a Professional Drone Pilot?

Many couples hesitate between hiring an expert to pilot the drone and leave this mission in the hands of a family member or a friend. However, for the best day of your life, it is advisable to hire a professional who knows the standards to be respected and who knows how to fly drones safely. HOsiHO drone pilot network can put at your disposal a professional drone operator. Do not confuse the intervention of a drone with a wedding animation, this is a modern and ingenious way of capturing breathtaking shots that comes with risks, however. In a nutshell, we highly advise you to call on an expert.

How about the Weather?

Unfortunately, the weather has a real impact on the operation of the drone. In rain, snow, thunderstorms or strong gusts, the aircraft will not be able to take off. Otherwise, it may be badly damaged and capture poor quality images. Sunny and calm weather would be ideal even if you have no control over it. If you get married during the summer, for example, there should be no problem with the weather and the flight conditions will be perfect.

Will the Drone Fly over Your Heads?

Drones are very resourceful devices. They do not fly low close to the heads or faces of the guests and the newly weds. It should be borne in mind that they are equipped with high definition cameras, they move quickly both vertically and sideways and make spectacular effects for some. Thus, they are designed to capture images at a fairly high altitude. The drone is therefore not likely to disturb you.

Should You Get Married in the Morning or in the Evening?

Drones can only fly in the middle of the day. So, forget this device to carry the memories of your wedding evening. You can, however, use it at late hours but always before nightfall. Regarding the lack of brightness, there are some options that can overcome this. Your professional drone pilot will find the right moments and the right solutions for your photos and videos.