March 26, 2023


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Layering Advice from K-pop Stars

When you’re layering your outfits, you want to make sure you’re not just piling on several pieces of clothing without regard for the whole look. The concept of layering is that you are building an ensemble that shows your personality while having everything still working together to create the whole outfit.

Here are some tips from the k-pop industry:

Layer Your Clothes Like You Would Layer Skincare Products

When it comes to layering skincare products on your face, you go with the thinnest formulation first, such as toners and moisturizers, before moving on to the face mask you bought online, then to serums and essences. This gives each of the products plenty of room to penetrate your skin. For your outfit, this means you’re wearing the thin items first, then topping off the look with thick garments that will keep you warm. If it’s summer, make sure those layers are not so thick that they make you feel uncomfortable when you go out. You can also go with the reverse, especially if you’re choosing to go with lighter outerwear. Your inner garments could be made of thicker materials but may not cover your whole body, so the outfit is well-balanced.

Choose a Primary Color

If you’ve been a fan of k-pop for a while now, you’ve noticed that they are masters at group outfits that somehow still fit together even if they’re not wearing exactly the same thing. The secret is in choosing two to three colors for their palette and working around those colors to build their group ensemble. You can use this same principle to design your layered look. Choose your primary color and complement it with the details of your other pieces and accessories. This doesn’t mean you have to dress in a colorful outfit just to layer successfully. You can also wear an all-black outfit with accents of gold or silver depending on your jewelry, and with matching metals on your belt, bag, and shoes. No matter how simple the outfit is, it can look well-planned if you match your metals.

Make Sure Your Hair is Part of the Outfit

K-pop idols are known for their hair color changes, and with newly-dyed hair comes a fresh new look and new outfit ensembles. They work with their current hairstyle, from their shoes to their makeup. This is how you create a cohesive outfit. Think of your makeup and hair, and wear clothes that complement them. Your hair is a more permanent part of your look, while you can change your outfits every day. Your makeup may also be changed every day, but if we’re being honest, you probably go with the same makeup look you feel beautiful in. If you dyed your hair a shade of red, make sure your lipstick and blush complement the shade. And if your hair is blue or green, try to go for muted reds in your outfits so that you will not feel like a walking Christmas tree.

Your hair and makeup determine your whole ensemble. Take it from your k-pop idols–they’re the masters of this.