September 21, 2023


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Broome Fishing For The First Time: The Complete Guide


You’ve probably decided to attempt private charters for the very first time if you’re reading this. That’s fantastic! This is arguably the most pleasing way to wet a line, just like any fisherman will tell you, although there is still much to know and pay attention to. 

Planning and setting with your skipper are crucial to making the first charter a success. Private charters fishing offers a wide range of options, suggesting that no two journeys are alike. It will be different for the first time you go out on the lake. The type of fishing trip you choose determines what you’ll need to carry and what you’ll want to pay attention to.

However, some characteristics of learning to fish for the first time are universal. In the sections below, we’ll discuss how to be ready for your trip ahead of time, how and when to maintain safety on board, and several things to remember while on the water.

Before the Broome Fishing Trip

You might need to focus on having your first fishing journey to succeed. Completing your homework ahead is essential for everything from speaking to your guide to understanding what to pack.


It’s critical to speak to your guide or captain as early as possible after booking your excursion. It’s the most effective approach to set your expectations and determine if you and your partner are on the same page. Consider the following questions before deciding:

  • Is it more necessary for me to spend time in the water or pursue game fish?
  • What kind of fish am I want to go after?
  • Is it better for me to retain my fish or practice catch-and-release?

These will assist you in selecting private charters that are ideal for you. Also, share your responses with your captain. They can then ensure that the trip you’ve booked with them meets your requirements.

What You Would Like To Experience 

Since you’ve never had to go on a private charter before, you’re certain to have some thoughts. It might be an approach you desire to explore, a species you wish to get, or even a certain Broome fishing area you like to experience.

Now is the opportunity to tell your captain about anything special you or the fellow anglers have in mind. Also, let them know this should be your first-time Broome fishing! They’ll have a better sense of your ability level and be more equipped to teach you the ropes this way.

The most crucial issue to consider is what type of trip is best for you and your party. The first thought that springs to mind are deep ocean fishing for massive game species, but this is far from the Broome fishing expedition available. After all, not every trip is about chasing huge marlin in deep waters.

Therefore, what do you want to achieve from this adventure? To help you figure things out, here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Is it necessary for me to catch a lot of fish?
  • Is there a time limit on how long I can stay on the water?
  • In terms of actual fishing, what committed would I want to be?

How to Prepare

It’s time to pack! Now that you’ve worked out all the specifics with your guide, it’s time to load. Clothing will undoubtedly vary based on the weather and region, but a few items are required.

  • Rubber-Soled Sneakers

These would keep you on the boat solid and sturdy. To avoid leaving footprints on the ship, make sure they’re non-marking or light-soled.

  • Layered Clothing

If the weather changes, you’ll have more options. Always choose materials that are quick to dry while also keeping you warm and those that provide wind protection.

  • Sunscreen And Polarised Sunglasses

Polarised glasses will not only keep you safe from the weather, but they will also help you with specific fishing techniques, like sight fishing.

  • Seasickness Meds

If you’re prone to motion sickness, these are an excellent option, especially if you’ll be heading offshore in rougher waters. Make sure to bring some so that you can fully enjoy your trip!

  • Drink Water

There’s a lot of it! Even though practically each private charters will include bottled water, you will have to drink a lot on a boat due to the sun, and becoming dehydrated increases your chances of feeling seasick. It’s preferable to have that much water than to have too little.

Finally, get a decent night’s sleep before you depart. You’ll regret it when you’re out on the boat with your mates during a night of drinking in the town.