March 26, 2023


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All You Need To Know About HPE Proliant DL180 Gen10

HP (Hewlett Packers) is one of the most renowned brands that always shock people with its phenomenal features and outstanding functioning. This latest HPE ProLiant DL180 Gen10, after achieving 9 generations already, has come up with more sophisticated and mesmerizing features that people love to get for their regular work. Some of the major specifications with which it is launched this time are:

Mounting Feature: 

Now, you can mount it anywhere because of its 19” width and 3-6” depth of 4 post-wrecks mounting features. You can place it anywhere you want and enjoy its superefficient capacity. Of course, a modem should be mobile enough so that we can place it anywhere without bothering for its accommodation. This HPE ProLiant DL180 Gen10 offers the same and thereby, justifies its usability perfectly. 

Sliding Features: 

If you are thinking about its portability then also it eases a lot. It comes with 4 post shelves to support the sliding shelves and you can easily carry it anywhere you want and adjust according to your convenience. Moreover, it has also 2 post shelves that have a light-duty server rack of 24″ that allows you to conveniently lift it. 

Railing Feature: 

If you are thinking about the railing feature for this HPE ProLiant DL180 Gen10, then this is very satisfying for you that the product has come up with a universal rail of 2U with which you can easily convert the kit. So, now, with this server device, you can stop usage any time and start by assembling the parts according to your wants. 

Open Frame Desk Rack: 

The product has become more efficient when a perfect rack solution is installed in it. The open desk rack is designed to fit in the DL180’s shoulder screws and let you use it alongside. 

With all these features along with many advanced ones, this HPE ProLiant DL180 Gen10 has become one of the major server devices used by households throughout the world. Let’s check out the mounting facility in brief.

How To Mount The HPE Proliant DL180 Gen10

If you want to mount this device to let it work efficiently without any interruption, then you can follow these rules,

  • Get The Cable Management Stuff First At Hand. 
  • Set The Adapters In The Place You Want To Mount Them. 
  • Accumulate The Shelves Accordingly. 
  • Rack The Device To The Tower. 
  • Check The Operation.