Alejandro Mendieta crazy 2020

Alejandro Mendieta crazy 2020

As we all know, the young mind keeps surprising the media over and over again with his achievements and endeavours. Despite facing multiple challenges and problems, the media has the brand ‘Colombian playboy’ for him. Even though most of his work is not out in the limelight, we thought to share some of his 2020 endeavours.

The craziest year:

2020 as we know is going to be the most memorable year in the history books in days to come. Starting with the wild forest fires to the unwanted COVID 19, the world has been experiencing some of the never thought of phenomenons. However, amidst all of the crazy things happening all around the world, the year 2020 has been nothing but up and up for the 2011 entrepreneur.

Everything was nothing but normal since the beginning but as the saying goes, ‘when life gives you lemons, make lemonades,’ and indeed did Alejandro Mendieta do so. Growing a big business empire to new heights is what happened with Alex.

A busy year indeed:

Unlike most of the world, Alejandro was the quickest to realise where and when to invest the money during the time of a pandemic. The cleverest of them knew who was going to be the winner with all the investments despite the lockdown situation. The online retail touched roofs, and a surgeon the bitcoin price made his European crypto exchange record trading volumes. This year, another win was his long-term legal battle against the Victoria police and the Australian taxation office.

The legal battle:

The media does not have entire inner details about the details, but they are yet to be made public. According to the documents obtained from the freedom of information, evidence shows that a corrupt joint operation involving the tax office and the Victorian police was clear. With this, there are huge doubts about the Australian government. The Victorian police are involved in numerous corruption scandals, and the evidence is disturbing.

An anti-corruption police task was created to handle issues, but however, it made no great impact. People need to ask when the corruption is going to stop and what steps are the Australian government taking for things like this not to happen.

The coming year:

Alejandro has been expressing his grave disappointment regarding the treatment he has received from the fake media in Australia. Neither the police nor the tax office is accountable for the happenings against Alejandro. He says that as soon as the borders open, he will move away to a place that respects his hard work and integrity.

Therefore, due to the unwanted scandals and corruption, Australia once again loses another young talented mind to a country like Singapore that welcomes such young minds with open arms and make sure to respect their integrity.

We, as Australians, will never succeed until we leave behind the jealous mentality. Until then, we will never attract young world leaders from other countries to come and live in a country like ours.